Durham Filing Exposes the Radical Left’s Power

Hillary Clinton speaks to voters in South Carolina.
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Durham Filing Exposes the Radical Left’s Power

John Durham’s latest revelations show that a powerful, private company was handing over sensitive information from the White House to a lawyer working with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

One thing that makes this so worrying is the vast amount of private data this company has access to from the whole country. In fact, United States intelligence services have been trying to get better access to this company for years.

The same company used to spy on Donald Trump could also be used to spy on you.

Though not named in the report, it is clear that Donald Trump was spied on at his apartment and the White House through Neustar, a private company that is a key pillar of America’s Internet and telephone services.

Rodney Joffe has already been identified as a key individual mentioned by Durham. Though Durham has not charged him of any crime, Joffe was central to the information gathering described. Until recently, Joffe was a senior vice president at Neustar.

In 2008, the Washington Post published an in-depth look a Neustar in an article titled “The Ultimate Little Black Book.” It wrote:

Whenever someone dials a phone, texts on a cell phone, or punches in a website on a laptop, chances are the connection will rely on a central database that belongs to a Northern Virginia firm.

That database is perhaps the most significant cog in the communications network that most people have never heard of.

Sterling-based Neustar is the carriers’ digital directory for all phone calls in North America. More than 800 telephone companies have numbers in the database. …

And about 1 out of every 4 Internet transactions is routed using a Neustar database, as Neustar handles traffic for domains that include .biz, .us, .org and .info.

In 2005, the Federal Bureau of Investigation tried to get unfiltered access to one of Neustar’s databases that contained 310 million phone numbers. It failed. Instead, a system was set up that law enforcement could access with a court order.

“Neustar is part of an evolving telecom industry that is creating caches of information attractive to the government without clear guidelines governing who may have access and under what circumstances,” wrote the Washington Post.

In 2012, BuzzFeed described Neustar as “The Most Important Tech Company You’ve Never Heard Of.” It wrote that Neustar had “quietly become one of the major players in surveillance infrastructure.”

On Jan. 17, 2014, Foreign Policy published a piece on the same business, asking, “Could This Company Be the Answer to Obama’s Big Data Problem?” At the time, the National Security Agency was looking to pay an outside company to handle its database of American phone records.

“Meet Neustar Inc., a company most people have probably never heard of but have almost certainly dealt with in some form, even if they didn’t know it,” Foreign Policy wrote. There’s no evidence Neustar got the job, but it is well known in the telecom world for handling large amounts of private information. “The company also acts as a kind of middleman between law enforcement agencies serving surveillance warrants on telephone companies, ensuring that the companies only give over the amount of information they’re legally required to disclose,” wrote Foreign Policy.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was able to get private access that even the fbi could not. How?

Neustar was once a division of Lockheed Martin, called “Lockheed Information Management Systems.” It handled number porting in North America—the process when one person moves his phone number from one phone provider to another. It lost the contract in 2015, and some of its surveillance business was sold off at the same time. But it is still in the business of handling large amounts of private data.

Neustar also owns Fiducianet, which handles surveillance requests for information from law enforcement. “Neustar is the first company that the government calls in every investigation,” Chris Soghoian of the Open Society Foundation told BuzzFeed in 2012. That position may have slipped a little, however, since it lost the number-porting contract. The company also split in December. Another segment of the company brings in money by helping government agents spy.

In 2010, Neustar bought Quova, a company that helps track the physical locations of people that browse the Internet. In 2014, it was revealed that Canada was spying on those traveling through Canadian airports—and that Quova, among others, was helping it do so. At the time, Vice wrote, “[I]t’s hard to say just how embedded Neustar is in the world of Five Eyes surveillance,” referring to America’s closest international intelligence-gathering alliance.

Neustar features in Durham’s filings as a major domain name system (dns) provider. This means it helps translate web addresses (like theTrumpet.com) into numbers that computers can understand and navigate to (like

This gives it access to vast amounts of private information. If it provides your dns, it knows you’re visiting this website—though it can’t tell exactly which article you’re reading. Any time an app connects online, it leaves behind a trail of data.

It appears it provided this service to a lawyer with the Clinton campaign for the White House, Trump Tower and Donald Trump’s apartment. Every website Mr. Trump visited from one of these locations would have been logged by Neustar.

Such data is strictly private—for good reason. Think about what someone could find out about you from your web traffic alone. Where you work, what school your kids go to, what church you attend, your political views, etc.

According to Durham’s filing, Joffe trawled through all of this data, looking for anything that could be used to create “an inference” and “narrative” showing that Mr. Trump colluded with Russia.

Think about what this means. According to the filing, this was going on both before and after Mr. Trump was in office. The data of both a private citizen and a U.S. president was gone over to find anything that could be used against him.

If this happened to President Trump, could it happen to anyone else? Has it happened already? Plenty of “inferences” could be made from others people’s data. Some will have visited websites that they would not want employers or partners knowing about. Could that be used for blackmail? If it can happen to a president, it can happen to anyone. There are reasons law enforcement is only allowed access to this data within strict limits.

How could this have happened?

Many of Neustar’s executives, including Joffe, are close to former President Barack Obama and his team. Joffe was a volunteer adviser on cybersecurity for Mr. Obama. In 2013, fbi Director James Comey awarded Joffe for his work in stopping a computer virus. Prosecutors published an e-mail showing he would get the top cybersecurity job if the Democrats won the 2016 election; but he said, “I definitely would not take the job under Trump.” One of Joffe’s other companies, Packet Forensics, received a Pentagon contract the day Joe Biden was inaugurated.

Lisa Hook was Neustar’s president in 2016. In 2011, Obama gave her a place on the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. She has donated $249,000 to Democratic presidential campaigns.

Others in NeuStar share Hook’s affiliation. In 2016, 100 percent of all congressional campaign donations from Neustar employees went to Democrats, according to OpenSecrets.org.

Becky Burr, a former Clinton administration official and regular Democratic donor, was Neustar’s chief privacy officer. From 2011 to 2013, Scott Blake Harris served as its general counsel—after having served in both Bill Clinton’s and Obama’s governments and donating half a million dollars to Obama’s 2008 campaign. He was so close to Mr. Obama that his 14-year-old son had worked for Obama when he served as a senator.

It’s pretty clear which party the corporate hierarchy supports.

Neustar and its cozy links with the U.S. intelligence community have worried journalists for years. But this is even worse. Neustar’s data was used with no oversight and no accountability.

If executives from a private company are willing to use this kind of information for a political campaign, it gives that campaign a dangerous amount of power. There’s a court-overseen system for police to get this kind of information. It’s often abused, but at least there’s something. But what if executives at the technology company decide to help themselves to information because it helps a political cause they believe in? If an executive at Neustar is willing to go through Donald Trump’s private Internet data without any kind of court order or warrant, what other data would he go through? Could Neustar’s trove of telephone information also be mined?

Law enforcement can’t go fishing through your private data to try to find something it can pin on you. But that’s what it appears Obama’s friends in this private company did.

And this is just one company. How many businesses are now led by individuals sympathetic to Obama? There are the big ones, like Facebook. But how many lesser-known but essential ones, like Neustar, which you may not have ever heard of if Durham hadn’t shone a light on it? There are probably dozens of other “Neustars” out there. How much control does Barack Obama and the radical left really have?

Through these kinds of connections, the radical left can wield a power even greater than the official law enforcement channels. Law enforcement would have a hard time forcing Facebook to shut down someone’s account. But if the chief executive officer agrees with you politically, he can do it, and there’s little to stop him.

Last year, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote:

The radicals own education, the news media, entertainment, technology, spy agencies—and now, much of the federal government. They control everything! They can protect lawless rioters and steal an election at the same time they block your free speech for saying that the election was stolen. Even our Trumpet Daily show has been censored by YouTube. They impeached President Trump even after he left the White House in an attempt to block him from ever holding office again. Meanwhile, they are rewarding people at the very center of the corruption like former fbi Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok—who was in an adulterous affair—and his wife with high-paying jobs and back pay. That’s the way things work in the swamp.

They have the power and the control. How can you win against that? How can you win if they rig the election itself?

The Durham filing is giving us a good look at what this control means. Everyone should be concerned that the radical left is able to get away with it. Unfortunately, too few are even hearing the details of the Durham report because the mainstream media won’t cover it.

“Where have radicals like Barack Obama gotten so much power?” asked Mr. Flurry. “The answer is in the Bible, which many early Americans believed and which many current Americans are trying to blot out.” He continued:

The lies, intimidation and oppression we see in our own government have a powerful source. The Bible says the father of lies, murders and wickedness is Satan the devil (e.g. John 8:44). He is a literal, living spirit being, and Revelation 12:9 contains a prophecy showing that he has actually been cast down and confined to Earth!

He has great power, and he has a burning goal to blot out what God has done and is doing. People who aren’t close to God have no chance against Satan—and the vast majority of people are quite far from God!

But if you turn to God, God will show you exactly what Satan is doing and give you the power to withstand him. …

Americans could know what is happening. If they just knew the Bible and knew God, they would know Satan is real. God communicates all of this to us in the Bible. But people are not seeking God, so they don’t know God. Neither do they know Satan—so he deceives them powerfully. They are doing as their ancient forefathers did: “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” This is recorded in Judges 21:25, also part of the former prophets, and prophecy for today. Everyone is corrupt, nobody is honest, and everyone is doing what is right in his own eyes.

Satan is trying to blot out the name of Israel. The good news is, God has a master plan to save Israel permanently—and He is carrying it out! There is hope—but only in God.

It is hard to explain how so many people in so many places are so devoted to such a radical cause—even to the point of spying on the president of the United States. There is a spiritual agenda behind this; understanding this is the only way to understand the situation.

Our free booklet America Under Attack, by Gerald Flurry, will help you understand this spiritual reality.