Germany Rising

00:30 Germany and Russia’s Secret War Against America (13 minutes)
While much of American media is drawing attention to the Biden-Putin relationship, former U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Kathleen McFarland told Fox News that Biden needs to confront Germany. Why? Because Germany is preventing the rest of Eastern Europe from helping Ukraine, and it is Germany that is rising industrially as a result of its Nord Stream 2 pact with Russia. Where is this German-Russian alliance leading?

13:00 Illegals Stream Through the Southern Border (7 minutes)
U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer said Americans should be concerned about Ukraine because it is a “fundamental principle of all nations … that our borders should be inviolate and that our sovereignty should be respected.” This from the same administration that has left America’s southern border wide open. Thousands of young adult men are crossing illegally into America and then being flown all over the country to cities like Houston, Atlanta and Miami. Why is the Biden administration so concerned about Ukraine’s border security but not America’s?

19:50 FDA Halts Use of Antibody Drugs (11 minutes)
The Food and Drug Administration has been restricting the use of cheaper antibody drugs that aren’t working against the omicron variant and pushing for further use of Pfizer vaccines. Associated Press reports, “The agency said restricting their use would also eliminate unnecessary drug side effects, including allergic reactions.” Are allergic reactions really the motive behind the halting of these cheaper and safer antibody drugs?

30:25 COVID’s Impact on Young People (6 minutes)
According to the Wall Street Journal, almost 1 in 8 American men aren’t working during their prime years of 25 to 54. Since the start of the pandemic, speech delays have also risen among young children. Palm Beach therapist Jaclyn Theek reported to ABC News, “We’ve seen a 364 percent patient increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers from pediatricians and parents.” As we said at the very start of the pandemic, the “cure” would end up killing us.

36:10 Bible Study: Ask the Big Questions (15 minutes)
“We are supposed to think like Christ,” my father writes in his booklet John’s Gospel—The Love of God. “That means we need to begin to ask the big questions: What is Christ doing? What does this mean?”

51:30 E-mail Feedback (3 minutes)

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