Joe Biden’s Abysmal First Year as White House Occupant

00:30 Joe Biden: ‘A Year of Enormous Progress’ (29 minutes)
In Joe Biden’s much-anticipated January 19 press conference, he was questioned about his catastrophic first year as occupant of the White House. In response, Mr. Biden described his first year as one of “enormous progress,” and that he had actually “outperformed what anyone thought would happen.” According to him, he’s accomplished more in the past year than any other president before him. This self-evaluation, however, is at odds with what Americans think. According to an AP poll, just 28 percent of Americans say they want Biden to run for reelection in 2024, including only 48 percent of Democrats. In light of these abysmal ratings and the catastrophic year Joe Biden has had, Victor Davis Hanson asks a good question about the year ahead: “Who will stop our descent into collective poverty, division—and self-inflicted madness?”

29:15 Bible Study: An Attitude God Can Teach (25 minutes)
God’s people are in training to rule the world as kings and priests. That royal responsibility requires highly specialized training and preparation! But God can only make progress in preparing us if we have an attitude like King Solomon when he first began ruling his father’s kingdom—an attitude that is humble and childlike—an attitude that God can educate and teach.

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