The World vs. America

00:30 Germany Breaks From America (27 minutes)
Joe Biden seemed to give Russia a green light to invade Ukraine yesterday, saying America would not respond to a “minor” invasion. Germany sees no help in America and has, in turn, been siding with Russia, collaborating with Putin where possible, and separating itself from America and the Western world.

27:30 Russia-China Ties With Iran (20 minutes)
Iran has long been a key player in Middle East politics. Of late, it has been building ties with Russia and China. In an effort to boost relations, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visited Russia’s Vladimir Putin yesterday. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian visited China last week to deepen its “comprehensive strategic partnership” with the nation. Why are Russia and China beginning to work so closely with Iran in the Middle East?

47:35 Bible Study: Conquer Your Lions (7 minutes)
Proverbs 22:13 shows just how common and easy it is for someone to excuse himself from courageously conquering a problem. Sometimes we dismiss our problems as insurmountable “lions” that we cannot defeat. In the world today, such timidity and laziness is accepted, even glorified. But God’s way is different. He expects us to be spiritually courageous, eager to conquer every “lion” that stands between us and spiritual perfection.

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