927,738 Americans Have Reported Adverse Reactions to the Vaccine

00:30 Treason at the Highest Levels (17 minutes)
The Obama administration used the dirty Steele dossier as a pretext to persecute Donald Trump and associates before and during the Trump presidency. Recent indictments of Obama and Clinton confidants have shed new light on how the dossier was compiled and then used by holdovers from the Obama administration to attack Donald Trump. These actions are treasonous, and the media are totally silent because they were complicit in this attack.

17:30 COVID Madness Never Ends (20 minutes)
So far this year, 19,532 people have died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccines, according to the VAERS government database. According to VAERS, 31,652 Americans have been “permanently disabled” since taking the vaccine, and 3,148 miscarriages have been directly attributed to the vaccine. In the United Kingdom, doctors have seen 300,000 new heart condition cases since the vaccine’s rollout, supposedly due to “post-pandemic stress disorder.” Why won’t the media report on these startling numbers? Why are they working so hard to cover up the adverse effects of the vaccine?

37:00 PCG Anniversary: From Peanut Shell to Battleship (17 minutes)
Today marks the 32nd anniversary of the Philadelphia Church of God. When it first began, one Worldwide Church of God minister said the PCG would be a mere peanut shell floating on the ocean going nowhere! As my father recently stated, the work of the Church today is more like a battleship on the ocean.

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