Current Phase of Communist Attack: Empty the Prisons

00:30 Media Covering for Darrell Brooks (25 minutes)
The left-wing media has been diligent about characterizing the Waukesha massacre in a way that’s favorable to its agenda. Instead of calling it an “attack,” networks have been calling it a “crash,” indicating it was an accident. Compare that to the Charlottesville attack from 2017 when the left-wing media characterized the incident as a “white supremacist attack” on the crowd. Facebook and Twitter have even rushed to erase Black Lives Matter-supporting posts from Brooks’s accounts, which included posts endorsing Adolf Hitler and calls to “knock out” white people.

25:40 Releasing All Criminals (18 minutes)
John Chisholm is the Wisconsin district attorney who is ultimately responsible for the $1,000 bail that allowed violent criminal Darrell Brooks to go free last week. Chisholm admitted in 2007 that his lenient approach to criminal justice would probably result in people being killed, but that was a small price to pay and shouldn’t undermine the overall goal. Justice “reform” prosectors across the United States have announced that they are going soft on crime. The results are appalling. From San Francisco to New York City, residents, and even members of the media like Joe Scarborough, are complaining about the lawlessness in America’s cities.

43:00 The Great Paradox of Knowledge (14 minutes)
Why can’t the same people who send men to the moon and back also bring peace and stability to the world, or even a single nation? With such an explosion of material knowledge, it would seem that our countries should be getting more and more peaceful and prosperous. But crime rates continue to soar, and evil men and seducers, as the Apostle Paul wrote, “wax worse and worse.” As Revelation 12:9 explains, Satan has deceived the whole world and has blinded mankind to what would solve every human problem on our planet—the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

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