The Democrats’ Big Lie

Crowds at the “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6 in Washington, D.C.
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The Democrats’ Big Lie

Trace the deceit-powered strategy that forced through the Obama-Biden regime back to its source.

Over the past year, Democrats have said that if you believe Joe Biden lost the 2020 election, you believe the “big lie.” But these Marxist radicals are telling a big lie when they say last year’s election was perfectly secure and that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. When they say Joe Biden won, they are telling you the “big lie.”

Many forget that these same radicals who censor questions about 2020 election integrity also invented the idea that the 2000 election was stolen by George W. Bush and the United States Supreme Court. They said that Bush was an illegitimate president, and they used this to justify eight years of attacking his presidency from every angle possible, including within the administration.

The liberals got what they wanted when Barack Obama won the White House, so his two elections were free of scandal (as were his two terms, the narrative goes).

But when Hillary Clinton faced Donald Trump in 2016, the big lie started well before the election, continued through the election, through almost two years of special counsel investigation after the election, through the two remaining years of his first term, and through the 2020 election. That is how big the big lie has become.

But this is about far more than politics or even the stolen constitutional rights of Americans. This is about the ultimate source of lies.

During election night on Nov. 7, 2000, the media called the state of Florida for Vice President Al Gore. Then they switched their prediction to Texas Gov. George W. Bush. Gore conceded the election, then rescinded his concession, saying the results were too close to call. For 36 days, the two sides battled recounts, audits and litigation as Democrats looked for the 537 votes needed to keep their party in the White House after Bill Clinton. The Supreme Court stopped the recounts, ruling that the use of different standards of counting in different counties violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution and that a uniform statewide recount could not be completed before the “safe harbor” deadline set by the Florida Supreme Court.

George W. Bush was elected the 43rd president of the United States. Yet many big-name Democrats still refuse to admit the 2000 presidential election was free and fair. Hillary Clinton, for example, once equated the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court decision to the type of election rigging that occurs in Nigeria. A painstaking study conducted by the National Opinion Research Center has found that President Bush would still have won if a statewide recount had been conducted. Yet Sheila Jackson Lee, Terry McAuliffe and many other Democrats continue the narrative that conservatives stole the 2000 presidential election and that we all should have been living under President Gore during September 11, etc.

Having failed to overturn the election, the big lie was still useful in attacking Bush, even though it also attacked the foundations of American rule of law.

My father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, wrote in his December 2000 article “The Real Election Crisis” that the “Florida vote scandal will poison our political system more than any scandal of the past eight years! It eclipses all of those scandals. The corrosive process is so deeply entrenched, it will continue from one election to the next. It is tearing our political system apart. … It is building a warring spirit between the two parties. No democratic nation can be led in the midst of such bitter division.”

In many ways, the “big lie” that Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election was the beginning of the bitter division crippling U.S. politics today.

Throughout Bush’s two terms, the Democrats slurred him as an illegitimate president and compared him to Adolf Hitler for his war efforts to defend America from Islamic terrorists. They knew they weren’t getting the 2000 election back, but 2004 was coming—and especially 2008. By the end of Bush’s second term, they had done everything they could to stir up disrespect, suspicion and anger against his administration and conservatives in general. Why? They wanted to win the election. They were psychologically preparing people for their radical candidate. Then came 2008, “hope and change,” and Barack Obama.

The nation the radicals claim is racist then obliged and elected Obama to the presidency. The commentators, the experts, the camera-ready politicians, the elites who filled the news cycle with detailed analysis of election integrity in 2000 now had zero questions about the integrity of the 2008 vote. They fawned over the new president and treated with seriousness his early strategy of answering every criticism with “Bush’s fault,” cashing in on those years of psychological manipulation that liberals had accumulated. This continued as part of his strategy for eight years. He repeatedly deployed other big lies, divisive language and blatant illegalities throughout his “scandal free” administration.

Then came 2016.

Obama would officially step down, but he was not giving up any more power than he absolutely had to. He began coordinating to hand off power to Hillary Clinton, who at times presented herself to Democrat voters as a third term for Obama’s policies.

But tens of millions of Americans were getting ready to vote for Donald Trump. Radicals in the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the media and the soon-to-be notorious polling firms colluded to influence the election. According to the fresh Justice Department indictment against Igor Y. Danchenko, they even literally colluded with Russians. For example: “PR Executive-1 gifted to Russian Sub-Source-1 [another Russian in addition to Danchenko] an autobiography of Hillary Clinton, which he signed and inscribed with the handwritten message, ‘To my good friend [first name of Russian Sub-Source-1], A Great Democrat.’”

The Democrats (Russian and otherwise) succeeded in creating and leaking a horrid dossier on Trump. They lost anyway. Trump won 30 states and 304 electoral votes.

But Obama and other radical liberals continued to work against Donald Trump after the election and even after he became president. And they didn’t even abandon the big lies that had failed to influence voters before the election. They used the same big lies!

Even though they had colluded with Russians, the talking point for years ad nauseam was that Donald Trump colluded with Russians. So, like the previous Republican president, the new Republican president was also illegitimate. Only Democratic presidents were legitimate. As more truth continues to be revealed, we see that they were basically daring people to challenge their power and take down their big lie.

The Democrats even got a couple of people on Facebook arrested to prove that the Russians were trying to steal America’s elections. “Not My President” protests against Donald Trump erupted around the nation, causing millions of dollars in damage, while federal agents collected rumors and gossip from people living in Russia in an attempt to frame Donald Trump for a crime he did not commit and remove him even after he had taken office. They got a special counsel investigation approved, which they used to, among other things, raid his lawyer, keep him and those around him under suspicion of being criminals, and fight his policies.

Against all odds, and against people who infiltrated his own administration, Donald Trump not only stayed in power, he got things done. He was used by God to do nothing less than save this nation from destruction.

But there was another reason for the big lie that Donald Trump is “not my president”: the 2020 election. The big liars tried to psychologically condition at least some of the millions who voted for Trump in 2016 to choose the Democrat instead, who turned out to be—surprise—someone linked to and controlled by Barack Obama.

It didn’t work. Trump went from officially winning 63 million votes in 2016 to officially winning 74 million votes in 2020. That was more than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history—except for the official total won by his opponent, Joe Biden. He officially won 81 million votes, more than Trump or Obama.

A lot of people were surprised that, after all the unconstitutional voting changes “because of covid,” and all the stops and starts and strangeness of election night and its aftermath, a gaffe-prone, seemingly frail, 47-year inhabitant of the political “swamp” whose corrupt son allegedly worked with him in corrupt financial dealings, and who campaigned largely from behind a mask and from down in his basement rode a statistically implausible surge to become the “most popular” presidential candidate in American history.

But for the Democrats, it was time to put up or shut up. So they went for it. Double-down and triple-down on the big lie. There’s no going back. Joe Biden is president. We say so, we have power, and whether you fall for it or not, we dare you to try and stop us.

They are all in on the big lie. So they have to resist recounts and audits at every step. They have to impeach President Trump, twice, to try to prevent him from ever coming back. They have to maintain a hate campaign against him, even though they said he’d start an insurrection but he didn’t, and they said he’d never leave the White House but he did. They have to make us believe—or just enough of us—that maybe Joe Biden really is the legitimate president.

There is something extremely powerful at work here.

We have seen it before in history, and now it’s at the breakout point.

Joe Biden accused Donald Trump of lying like the Nazis. He quoted Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, who said that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will come to believe it. What Biden did not mention was that Goebbels never advocated lying in public. Instead, he publicly accused Winston Churchill and the English of following the “principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it.” Biden was falsely accusing Trump of telling the “big lie,” so he was acting quite like Goebbels!

It is just like the devil to falsely accuse others of something that you yourself are actually doing. Yes, there is a devil, and yes, he is the father of lies. And when we commit lies and other sins, this people and this nation are vulnerable to him!

Chris Krebs, former director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, assured the nation that the 2020 presidential elections were “the most secure in American history,” even though there is no way for his statement to be true. Mail-in ballots and electronic voting machines have made elections easier to rig than ever. Yet Democrats keep saying that anyone who brings forth evidence of foul play is guilty of lying like Goebbels.

There have been ballot dumps, machine glitches, dead people voting, ballot harvesting and numerous other forms of cheating. Yet one year on from the fraud, there have been no indictments or arrests for election fraud—not in Georgia, not in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin—nothing! The same corrupt media that was sure George W. Bush stole 547 votes is utterly, defiantly incurious about millions of unverified mail-in ballots.

Regular commentators and journalists are afraid to get into it. They don’t want to risk losing their platforms, so they are allowing themselves to be pressured into silence. It’s hard to find anyone authoritative to explain the widespread fraud being uncovered in each state, so people are left to read the election laws of 50 different states to find out how the election was stolen. Yet slowly but surely, the Democrats’ “big lie” is being exposed.

As my father explained in his article “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power,” President Trump is a type of King Jeroboam ii, whom Bible prophecy says God will yet use to stop those who are trying to blot out America. God is going to use him to save the nation, temporarily. This will involve exposing a big election lie and a big election theft.

In the meantime, we are getting a clear look at the radical left’s agenda. God is exposing their full corruption and the lengths that they will go to.

The radical assault on what remains of America’s biblical heritage is so extreme that if God did not step in to save America temporarily, the Democrats would have the power to steal every election for the foreseeable future, making them all “big lies.”

When people do not deeply love truth, they come to believe lies (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). Those whom the devil is using are able to trample this nation not only because they are guilty of sin but also because we are as well. Abraham Lincoln was unafraid to warn us that we had forgotten God, that we were guilty of sin, and that we must repent of our national and individual sins. God then gave America the power to survive and overcome the Civil War, and to rid itself of slavery. The big lies of the radical left don’t just tell us something about the left, they tell us something about ourselves. God is allowing this nation to face the abyss so that you, individually, will not only hear His warning and turn to Him, but admit and repent of your sins.

The battle for America’s future is spiritual. The forces leveled against the nation are achieving alarming success “because of transgression”—because of the sins and spiritual rebellion of the people. Leftists are looking to secure their power indefinitely, and they must feel confident given recent events. What they don’t realize is that God is correcting America, and this correction will grow far more severe! President Trump will return to office. There will be another brief revival in this nation under his administration. But even that brief revival will be useless unless Americans use it to repent and turn to God.

It appears that the nation as a whole will not repent. Bible prophecy shows that these forces working against the nation are weakening it to the point that it will be brought down by enemy nations! Americans will suffer unimaginably harsh chastening. Only then will most recognize their own guilt for their own lies and other sins and repent toward God. But when they do, whether after suffering terribly in this life and surviving or whether after the prophesied resurrection, they will have a mindset that God can use to save them and give them strength and purpose and hope, permanently.

For more information on the spirit motivating the Democrats’ “big lie,” please read my father’s editorial “A Dangerous New Age of ‘Worshiping the Will.’