‘We Love Those Dads’

00:30 Where Did the Pandemic Relief Money Go? (12 minutes)
The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee is unable to tell us how the $5 trillion of COVID relief money was spent. But never mind that, says Uncle Sam, let’s spend trillions more!

12:10 Phil Murphy’s Real Plans for New Jersey (7 minutes)
An undercover journalist at Project Veritas conversed with senior officials in Gov. Phil Murphy’s campaign staff. Both officials admitted that COVID mandates do not go over well with voters. So right now, with Murphy up for reelection, it’s about winning first—after that, the mandates. Politics always come first.

19:20 Endless Vaccine Mandates (9 minutes)
Think about this headline at the Washington Post: “You’re Not ‘Fully Vaccinated.’ You Never Will Be.” In other words, this never ends. Never mind the many studies now showing how ineffective vaccines are. Just get another jab.

32:00 When the Parents Get Involved (22 minutes)
While the government is trying to stop parents from getting involved in their children’s schooling, there is one heartwarming example of educators in Louisiana actually welcoming parents on campus to help keep their children safe from violence and crime. In this segment, we continue our study of the father’s indispensable role.

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