The Danger of Irreconcilable Division

00:30 A Nation Laden With Iniquity (11 minutes)

Joe Biden is being heckled and jeered in every state he visits. America is bitterly divided. And that division is not healthy; it is sickness.

11:20 Repeating Nov. 3, 2020 (10 minutes)

The election fraud that occurred in the presidential election last year is now happening again in the California recall election. As my father has written, we are getting a hard look at what the radical left will do to stay in power.

21:35 The Anti-Police Climate (8 minutes)

Last year’s nationwide rioting and the movement it spawned to defund the police has led to a record number of resignations and early retirements within local law enforcement stations. This too is a dangerous sickness.

29:30 Afghanistan Fallout (10 minutes)

While the conditions in Afghanistan worsen, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Pentagon spokesman John Kirby are coming under pressure to answer for Joe Biden’s foreign-policy failures.

39:15 Bible Study: How Utopia Will Come (15 minutes)

For 6,000 years, mankind has dwelt in spiritual darkness. But at Jesus Christ’s return, spiritual light will illuminate the Earth! A universal utopia is coming!

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