Honoring a Warmonger, Colonizer and Enslaver


[00:30] May 5 (18 minutes)

KPCG.fm celebrates its 6-year anniversary of broadcasting today. In this segment, I discuss the significance of May 5 in Bible prophecy and its impact on world events.

[10:00] Canceling Napoleon? (12 minutes)

Napoleon Bonaparte, a dictator and enslaver, is still widely celebrated in France today. Why are European nations resurrecting their violent empire building even as America and Britain are blotting out their empire building? Where is this leading?

[22:00] The Feminist Mindset (19 minutes)

True masculinity is almost entirely absent in leadership today. The feminist way of thinking dominates the power positions throughout society. This is evident in the way leaders are responding the Wuhan flu.

[43:00] Bible Study: Psalm 119 (12 minutes)

What is your relationship with God’s law? In Psalm 119, Jeremiah describes the beauty and wonder of God’s holy law. This is the instruction manual God inspired for developing the character of God!