Gotten Your Jab Yet?

Vaccines have been hailed as the miracle that will help COVID-weary society return to normal. But one ingredient has been missing from the vaccine rollout: honesty.

The response of American government and our media to covid-19 is revealing a lot about our society and ourselves. It is showing us how quickly the world can change, how much we take our rights for granted, and how much or how little we value truth.

covid-19 was the subject of the first speech Joe Biden gave after entering the White House. He recounted how countless Americans have lost their jobs, businesses and homes; how school closures have set children back a year; how graduations, weddings and family reunions have been canceled. He portrayed these people as victims of covid, when in reality, they were victims of government-imposed lockdowns. He then stated that if Americans would obey the newest batch of restrictions, the government might let them enjoy barbecues in their backyards with their families by, ironically, Independence Day.

Intentionally or not, it highlighted the fact that the government’s gigantic, oppressive “cure” has been worse than the disease. But nobody in the radical establishment will say that. Mainstream media outlets, predictably, praised the speech. They continue to support the government’s radical agenda by emphasizing their covid coverage and prominently displaying their death trackers. They are helping scare and shame Americans into wearing masks, then two masks, standing like chess pawns on floor markers 6 feet apart, staying inside their homes, giving up their businesses and incomes, and sacrificing their constitutional rights.

The campaign is coordinated by liberals in politics, big media, Big Tech, big business and beyond. Many of its most virulent supporters call their political party “the party of science.” They accuse those who do not believe in their cause of ignorance, hatred and lying (see “Is Lying Always Wrong?”).

Now the campaign has transitioned to pressure everyone to get vaccinated. It includes a mix of feel-good advertising, shaming and fear-mongering. And it is marked by the same propagandistic and deceitful techniques that were used for the lockdown campaign.

Vaccine Deaths

Many government officials count anyone who died within a few weeks of having a positive covid-19 test as a covid death. These are some of the numbers we see on the government and the media’s ominous “covid death” tickers.

Many everyday people, on the other hand, believe that dying with covid is far different from dying from covid. They say there are complicating factors. They say that many who get tested are at higher risk of death in the first place. They say that there are thousands of deaths from all causes every day in the United States. They say that many who die after a positive test result actually died from other causes (some as obvious as gunshot wounds). But liberal elites reject these objections.

The truth is, though, that some people have died after their bodies absorbed not the virus but the vaccine.

So, is anyone who died 28 to 60 days after having the covid vaccine a “covid vaccine death”?

No. The same officials, journalists, experts, commentators and other elites who want you to think that dying with covid is the same as dying from covid stridently insist that dying with the vaccine is far different from dying from the vaccine. They say there are complicating factors. They say that many who get vaccinated are more at risk of death in the first place. They say that there are thousands of deaths from all causes every day in the United States. They say that many who die after a vaccine actually died from other causes.

They directly contradict themselves—and pressure you to believe both contradictions! This is not an accident. This is dishonesty. And it’s dishonesty in pursuit of a radical agenda that affects you personally.

Since covid-19 vaccines were developed and distributed at “warp speed” and began being administered in the U.S. on Dec. 14, 2020, more than 219 million shots have been given to more than 135 million Americans. Yet, as the Biden-Harris administration urges the remaining 197 million Americans to follow suit, disturbing details are emerging about the vaccine’s side effects.

Data released on April 16 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc) states that 86,080 people in America reported serious health problems after taking a covid-19 vaccine. These include birth defects (71 cases), permanent disabilities (1,217 cases), hospitalizations (6,271 cases), and deaths (3,186 cases). There are somewhat similar reports of adverse reactions and deaths in other countries.

But there are no nightly news covid-19 vaccine death tickers.

A January study from the same agency admitted that people who receive the vaccines experience anaphylaxis at a rate 10 times higher than the flu vaccine. Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction so severe that it causes death in 0.7 to 2 percent of cases. This study gives us an early indication that the covid vaccine could be 10 times more fatal than the flu shot. That is still a small percentage, but the same politicians and commentators who wring their hands over every death they can tenuously tie back to covid-19 are suspiciously silent about any drawbacks connected to the vaccines.

The anti-vaccine organization Children’s Health Defense asked the cdc how it was investigating reports of covid-19 vaccine deaths, but their questions went unanswered.

‘Remember—Shots Are Safe’

The numbers of reported vaccine-connected deaths is small, but we have no idea what the effects will be in the medium term or long term. When much is unknown, why are so many so biased? Why do liberal, mainstream news outlets give wall-to-wall coverage of everything to do with the virus, which has still killed fewer Americans per year than heart disease or cancer, yet present much more favorable headlines about the possible dangers of the vaccine, like “Pfizer covid Vaccine Probably Didn’t Kill Woman, 78, Who Died Shortly After Having It,” “Woman Dies from Brain Hemorrhage in Japan Days After Vaccine, but Link Uncertain” and “Macomb County Man, 90, Dies After covid-19 Vaccine—but Doctors Say Shots Are Safe”?

Why rush to emphasize “no evidence covid-19 vaccines cause death”? Is it because they want truth, or because they’re advancing an agenda?

Thousands of real-life Americans whose loved ones have died soon after getting vaccinated from no other discernible cause would probably like to talk to the elites who insist there is “no evidence.”

Some of them might be from the family of Kassidi Kurill. She was 39 years old, and she died within days of her second dose of the Moderna vaccine. Her father said she was “healthy and good, then she took the shot,” but soon began feeling poorly. After two days in bed, she asked her father to drive her to the emergency room. Doctors told him that her liver was not functioning. Before they could do anything further, her kidneys and heart stopped working.

There have been other scattered reports of vaccines apparently killing people, including miscarriages and stillbirths, in the United States, Canada, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and elsewhere. Gregory Michaels, 56, died of a hemorrhagic stroke two weeks after he received a jab, and his widow affirms that he died “due to a strong reaction to the covid vaccine.” Former Detroit news anchor Karen Hudson-Samuels, 68, died one day after taking the vaccine, though public health officials say the cause of her death is unknown. Daniel Thayne Simpson, 90, died within a day of getting jabbed, prompting public health officials to once again repeat that covid-19 vaccines are nothing to worry about.

One man interviewed by abc News talked about “spurious relationships” and says that sickness and death occurring “in proximity” to something does not prove that the thing caused the sickness and death. Of course he is correct that something happening before another thing is often not its cause. But why isn’t the same logic applied to covid death counts, which are engineered to be as high and as terrifying as possible?

The Common Denominator

Plenty of people get these vaccines who seem to have no ill side effects. These vaccines are apparently preventing millions of people from procuring coronavirus, and could facilitate a return to pre-covid normality for many.

That said, there is also evidence of some dangers associated with these vaccines. The concerns are significant enough that more than 20 countries have revoked their authorizations for the distribution of certain covid vaccines (while permitting and promoting others).

Yet America’s government, with the support of the media and many businesses, are ignoring this evidence and proceeding with efforts to make vaccinations universal. On one hand they have proven themselves willing to take every possible measure to prevent covid deaths—even to the point of shutting down the national economy—yet on the other, anyone who expresses concerns about the safety of the vaccines is ridiculed for their ignorance. The contrast is jarring.

But the most salient common denominator in both of these positions is that they involve people sacrificing individual freedom, and the government gaining more control over our lives. The pressure is increasing to ignore the risks and get the jab; for a growing number of people it is becoming compulsory if they want to keep their job (article, page 12). The right to choose is being squeezed out. And once the government grabs that much power over people’s rights, including their health, you can be sure it won’t give it up!

Experts like Utah’s chief medical examiner say that proving a vaccine as a cause of death almost never happens. Is that because a vaccine almost never causes death, or could there be other reasons? There are powerful interests at stake, of moneyed pharmaceutical companies, the medical industry and the agenda of a big government getting bigger.

America has even deployed National Guard troops to inject millions of Americans with rapidly developed, rapidly approved, emergency-authorized vaccines that are still partially under trial. This is not just the government doing its best with a bad situation. This is the government taking a fairly standard flu epidemic and manipulating it to expand its power and prepare for even greater manipulation. Even when doing so could be killing some people.

Witches’ Brew

How can public health officials be so sure these vaccines are safe? It normally takes a decade of research and development before medical professionals declare a vaccine “safe” for human use. Both Pfizer and Moderna developed covid-19 vaccines in a single year. These vaccines have barely been tested by comparison to the normal process, which still doesn’t yield side-effect-free vaccines.

In 1976, when Army recruits at Fort Dix fell ill from a virulent form of swine flu, President Richard Nixon rushed out a vaccination program. About 45 million Americans received a new, experimental vaccine, and 450 of them developed a rare neurological condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome. The connection of this syndrome to the vaccine is debated, but it still highlights the risks of “warp speed” vaccine rollouts.

This risk becomes even more concerning when you realize that Pfizer and Moderna have developed a brand-new type of vaccine. Normal vaccines use killed or inactive pathogens to prompt the human body to start manufacturing antibodies against that pathogen. The covid vaccine is different. It is the first-ever mrna vaccine. It uses a specialized sequence of ribonucleic acid to hijack a human cell’s protein-making machinery and instruct it to start manufacturing coronavirus proteins—specifically the spike protein that gives the coronavirus its crown-like appearance. So instead of injecting people with dead covid-19 cells, doctors are injecting them with highly engineered acids that make human cells manufacture coronavirus proteins instead of human proteins.

This is a game-changing and potentially dangerous technology. Despite claims to the contrary, scientists still have no real idea what the unintended consequences of injecting people with mrna will be. Tal Brosh, head of the Infectious Disease Unit at Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital, told the Jerusalem Post, “There is a race to get the public vaccinated, so we are willing to take more risks” (Nov. 17, 2020). He then noted that there are unique and unknown risks to mrna vaccines, including systemic inflammatory responses that could lead to autoimmune diseases.

It is too early to tell what the long-term effect of this new technology will ultimately be. But you would think people would take such warnings more seriously.

“This is not your normal flu vaccine,” noted Dr. Carrie Madej, an internal medicine specialist in Georgia. “This is something totally different. This is a witches’ brew. I’ve never seen anything like this in science or medicine.”

The Pfizer and the Moderna versions of the covid-19 vaccine contain polyethylene glycol—a petrochemical known to cause skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing and shock. And the AstraZeneca version was developed using kidney cells from a baby aborted in 1973 and a cold-causing virus isolated from the stool of a chimpanzee. If you added the eye of newt and toe of frog, Dr. Madej’s comparison to a “witches’ brew” might become literal. Yet millions are injecting themselves with this cocktail of chemicals and experimental molecules in hopes that it will protect them. In some few cases, this brew ultimately kills them!

Divine Healing

Now is a good time to be thinking about where you put your trust for health and healing. We all put our trust in something. Most of us place it partly or wholly in the medical establishment—even when that establishment is inherently limited to what human beings can scientifically discover—even when what it discovers is then discovered to be wrong just months or weeks later—even when advancements in science are constantly outpaced by advancements in disease—even when the medical method of “healing” is not to return the body to its natural state but to make it even less natural with chemicals and scalpels—even when much of the medical industry has nothing to do with science or healing and has everything to do with pharmaceutical stockholders and political agendas.

Regarding your health, your body, your life, you need to understand the truth. The truth is that physical, biological laws exist. Obeying them causes the effect of good health. Breaking them causes the effect of poor health.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in The Plain Truth About Healing, “Medical ‘science’ operates primarily on that method—trying, with medicines, to prevent God’s law from exacting its penalty. That theory says, in effect, we can transgress God’s law and then prevent God’s law from exacting its penalty. The theory is: The sufferer has in his body one poison, so we add another poison in the form of medicine. And one poison plus one more poison equals no poison!” The covid-19 vaccine rollout is a full expression of this distorted theory.

It is amazing the lengths to which human beings will go to “cure” themselves, so long as they can avoid submitting to the laws of the very Creator of human bodies and minds. God’s arithmetic is one poison minus that one poison equals no poison. And yes, it requires obeying the laws of the Creator and even the intervention of the Creator.

God has power to heal. He promises, “If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee” (Exodus 15:26).

This does not mean a true Christian never gets sick. It means that a true Christian need not panic, get injected with a vaccine, and suffer the side effects. Sickness is the result of broken physical laws, and God promises to heal upon repentance: “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases” (Psalm 103:2-3).

If you are interested in trusting and obeying the Creator of human health, request a free copy of The Plain Truth About Healing, by Herbert W. Armstrong. It explains the scriptures proving that God wants to heal us, and how to claim God’s promise to heal!