Biden’s Boss


[01:50] Obama’s Third Term (7 minutes)

Fake President Joe Biden’s press secretary said again this week that Biden and Barack Obama are in regular contact. Again, we are reminded of who is really running Biden’s illegitimate administration.

[08:30] Jim Crow Voting Laws? (10 minutes)

Fake President Biden said Georgia’s new voting laws, which are a massive gift to the radical left, are like Jim Crow-era laws. Biden even encouraged Major League Baseball to boycott Atlanta for the All-Star game because of the “racist” voting laws. The MLB took the hint and moved the big-revenue event to a city with even stricter voting laws and fewer minorities!

[18:55] The Never-Ending Pandemic (12 minutes)

Despite the overwhelming data showing that COVID-19 is disappearing, health officials and politicians continue to instill Americans with fear based on fake models and blatant propaganda. The fact that ad campaigns are needed to scare people is proof that the disease is not as deadly as the experts first thought.

[32:20] Bible Study: Humility (23 minutes)

People often mistake meekness with weakness. In this segment, I discuss the meaning of true humility.