The Interview That Shook the Royal Family

An American who became a duchess is now attacking the pillar institution of Britain that she joined.

Racism in the royal family left Meghan, the duchess of Sussex, on the brink of suicide. That’s the impression given by a two-hour interview the duke and duchess held with Oprah Winfrey.

The interview, which aired in America on March 7, shocked the world with its accusations of racism at the heart of the British royal family. Meghan gave the impression that the only reason her son, Archie, was not a prince was because of his skin color. She said she was distressed by the “idea of the first member of color in this family not being titled in the same way that other grandchildren would be.” In fact, the royals hated the idea of a black prince so much that Archie would receive no security protection.

Harry and Meghan claimed that things were so bad it almost killed her. Meghan said she reached the point that “I just didn’t want to be alive anymore.” She approached the royal family for help, she said, but received nothing: “I was told I couldn’t; it wouldn’t be good for the institution.”

Harry said he was worried she would end up dead. “My biggest concern was history repeating itself, and I’ve said that before on numerous occasions, very publicly,” he said. “And when I’m talking about history repeating itself, I’m talking about my mother.” Actually, he feels Meghan’s situation was worse than Diana’s, the princess of Wales. It was “far more dangerous, because then you add race in and you add social media in.”

The claims were appalling, condemning and explosive. And they perfectly match a narrative adored by leftist media. And so, they were treated as irrefutable fact and broadly trumpeted.

Demonstrable Lies

The New York Times declared, “Meghan and Harry’s Interview Shows the Monarchy Must Go” (March 9). It claimed that the interview showed “that the British monarchy is a toxic den of backbiting and racism.” “You cannot turn a bottle of poison into a refreshing drink, no matter how much sugar you pour into it,” it said.

“Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle: How Two Black Women Took Down Whatever Fantasies Remained About the British Monarchy,” was the Washington Post’s take. “Markle laid bare her own traumas to illuminate dark truths about Britain, the royals—but also more generally about life in a predominantly white institution with a racist past,” it wrote. “Racism continues to seep through every facet of British royal life” (March 8).

Politicians and celebrities enthusiastically supported the ex-royal couple. Hillary Clinton said that the “cruelty” of the British press “in going after Meghan was just outrageous.” Joe Biden praised the “courage” of the duchess of Sussex. Beyoncé said, “We are all strengthened and inspired by you.”

Those who took the opposite view were quickly canceled. Talk show host Piers Morgan lost his job after he said he didn’t believe the duchess. Executive director of the Society of Editors Ian Murray was forced to resign after he defended the British press from charges that its coverage of Meghan was racist.

All this despite the fact that the accusations of racism are demonstrably false. The rules over who is or isn’t a prince were set down by King George v over a hundred years ago. Harry’s children would not be princes until the Queen died no matter whom he married. The couple couldn’t even keep their own story straight on this subject. The supposedly racist member of the royal family is kept unnamed, so he cannot defend himself. Meghan said this individual had “several conversations” with Prince Harry while she was pregnant about the baby’s skin color. Harry talked about one conversation that took place before he and Meghan were married.

Beyond that, to bolster accusations that the British are racist, Oprah’s production team had to resort to fraud. One third of the headlines they showed to prove this racism came from outside the United Kingdom. Many of the others had been doctored to make them appear racist when they were not.

The Lord Lieutenant of London—a black man who was appointed by the Queen—wrote an article saying that “In my years of working closely” with the royal family “I have never once encountered the slightest hint of racism. Indeed, in all they do, they strive to repair rifts, not create them” (March 10).

Don’t expect this perspective to receive any mainstream attention. The media had their narrative, and they are running with it.

Embracing Radicalism

Harry and Meghan’s departure from the royal family last year helped open the door for the radical Black Lives Matter movement to spread to the United Kingdom. In the wake of “Megxit,” “experts” in race and gender studies flooded the airways to explain that the couple’s decision was a reaction to societal racism. Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Newsnight, Question Time and many more programs hosted discussions on the nation’s sins against the biracial duchess of Sussex.

In our March 2020 issue, we wrote: “This seems a real turning point for race relations in Britain. Never had the idea that Britain is fundamentally, institutionally racist received so much airtime. … There has been a public backlash against all these claims, so it is too soon to know where this is leading. But if Meghan’s ‘abdication crisis’ sows seeds of racial division that take root, this could cause huge damage to the country for a long time to come” (“Royal Family Divides Britain”).

Within months, Black Lives Matter protesters were vandalizing statues on Britain’s streets. Their radical criticisms of men like Winston Churchill were increasingly embraced by universities, schools and museums across the country.

Once out of the country, the couple publicly supported Black Lives Matter. In a July 1, 2020, video message, on what would have been his mother’s 59th birthday, Harry said Britain was racist and that racism is “endemic” in our societies. “My wife said recently that our generation and the ones before us haven’t done enough to right the wrongs of the past,” he said. “I, too, am sorry.”

Days later, he joined Alicia Wallace—a “queer black feminist woman” and “anti-capitalism advocate,” as she describes herself—and others to lament the racism inherent in the British Commonwealth. He said that for the Commonwealth there is “no way that we can move forward unless we acknowledge the past” and that there is “so much more still to do” in order to “right those wrongs.” He talked about the “institutional and systemic racism” in the organization. “For the first time ever, thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement … this is the moment when people are starting to be listened to,” he said.

Remember, this is not the British Empire he was talking about, which has been subject to a storm of controversy for some years. The Commonwealth is a free association of democratic nations that anyone can leave at any time. The secretary general is a black woman. It hadn’t received any significant bad press—until Harry trashed it.

Meanwhile, the organization he is supporting, Black Lives Matter, is a radical Marxist group fundamentally opposed to Western civilization. The blm website once stated that they “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family.” Their leaders encourage people to resist “white capitalism.”

Considering this is the way the royal couple thinks, it’s no surprise they have embedded themselves in America’s radical-left movement. The Daily Mail wrote last year that the Sussexes got advice on their break with the royal family from former President Barack Obama and his wife. The Sussexes “wanted to mimic the way they had managed to build a successful, but dignified, life for themselves after the White House,” it wrote (Jan. 10, 2020). Meghan went on to share a stage with Mrs. Obama during a three-day virtual leadership summit called “Girl-Up.”

President Obama played a huge role in shifting America to the left. His presidency accentuated major divisions in American society. And it appears he and his wife played a significant role in dividing Harry from the rest of the royal family.

Harry and Meghan’s former head of communication, Sara Latham, was a senior adviser on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Mrs. Clinton herself visited the two of them at their home near Windsor Castle on Nov. 12, 2019. Later that month, the Sussexes left for Canada for a six-week holiday to contemplate their future.

In the lead-up to the United States election, they released a video all but telling people to vote Democrat. It has since been revealed that Meghan had a meeting with California Governor Gavin Newsom. One of the celebrities tweeting her support of Meghan was Meena Harris—Kamala’s niece.

Such politicking is anathema to the royals in London. And now the divide seems set to get even worse.

Why This Matters

Whether they believe it or not, Britain’s family has a history with God. God promised King David that he would always have a descendant ruling over part of the biblical nation of Israel. This promise is behind the extraordinary staying power of Britain’s royal family. In his free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Herbert W. Armstrong proved that Britain’s royal family is descended from King David.

What happens around the throne in England matters. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes, “There is a direct connection between the unrighteousness surrounding David’s throne in England and the death of America and Britain! … Just how important is that throne to us today? Our job is to tell the nations of Israel that they have David’s throne and that their fate is directly tied to the righteousness or unrighteousness of that throne! Ignorance is no excuse” (Jeremiah and the Greatest Vision in the Bible).

You can see this truth reflected in the fallout of the Meghan saga. Her accusations have supercharged the idea that British society is fundamentally racist and shattered much of what remains of the tattered reputation of the royal family.

Since Mr. Flurry wrote that, God has given important new truth about the throne. Mr. Flurry wrote in 2018 that this new truth “was a signal of terrible things to come upon Britain, as well as a sharp decline of America and Judah. It was also an indication that we would see a rapid decline in Britain’s royal family” (The New Throne of David).

Look at the decline that has hit the royal family since. As these latest accusations echo around the world, they could precipitate countries quitting the Commonwealth, or rejecting the Queen as head of state.

Historian Andrew Roberts warned that we could see years of continuous opposition from the Sussexes. “Today, palace officials will be understandably concerned that the Harry and Meghan show, transferred to California, will be consistently directed against the House of Windsor, with more revelations, more accusations and a lifetime of private conversations being slowly revealed. … Going down ‘The Diana Route’ of covert, undeclared-but-obvious opposition to the House of Windsor will be easy for the Sussexes, as they will be financially independent with their Netflix, Spotify and possible Disney deals, while their status as victims of the sinister, racist palace will make them virtually untouchable in the American media.”

What we are seeing in Britain are symptoms of a profound change in the royal family. And the effects are being felt around the world.

Expect the Black Lives Matter movement to intensify in the UK. If the royal family is racist, then Britain truly is institutionally racist and in radical need of change. Expect the popularity of royals like heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles to continue to fall. Expect anti-disestablishmentarianism to retreat. Expect Britain’s standing in the world to suffer.

All this will happen directly because of this change to Britain’s royal family.

It’s a change you need to understand. The Bible warns of mountains of bad news ahead for the royals, Britons and the world. But this change also reveals a real and living hope for all. You can read about this change in our free book The New Throne of David.