Genocide by Fake Fathers


In 2018, the Chinese Communist Party sent 1.1 million government agents to live in the homes of Uyghurs. “The official narrative,” Hudayar said, “is to build bonds and promote ethnic unity” and to guide the Uyghurs toward “loyalty to the state.”

But most of the Chinese officials sent to Uyghur homes are men, and the homes they are living in are the homes of men who were sent to concentration camps. Hudayar said there is video and photographic evidence that many of these male officials sleep in the same bed, under the same covers as the wives of the imprisoned Uyghur men. The agents state “that they are promoting ethnic unity between the Uyghurs and the Han Chinese population.”

Hudayar has collected numerous testimonies from Uyghur women who say that these government agents have raped them, repeatedly. In some cases, a government agent says he wants to marry a certain Uyghur woman. If the woman declines, Hudayar said the government tells them: “[I]f you refuse, then we will send your other relatives into concentration camps.”

“Tens of thousands of Uyghur women have been forcibly married to the Chinese men,” he said. “And in numerous instances, young women have committed suicide because they don’t want to marry the Chinese men, while at the same time, they don’t want their parents to be locked up and sent to concentration camps because of them.”

Meanwhile the Chinese “are also sterilizing Uyghur women that were already married and that had a few kids, to prevent them from having any more kids in the future.” As he put it, the Chinese are “preventing the future” of Uyghur existence.