Carnage in Kenosha

A man on the ground was shot in the chest as clashes between protesters and armed civilians who protect the streets of Kenosha against the arson during the third day of protests in Wisconsin.
Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Carnage in Kenosha

02:15 Kenosha Riots (21 minutes)

The riots in Kenosha are turning the small Wisconsin city into a war zone. Last night, three people were shot and two killed. Where is law enforcement and how long before this sort of violence spreads to other small cities across America?

23:00 Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden: Do Not Concede (12 minutes)

In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton advised Joe Biden not to concede to President Donald Trump under any circumstances. Democrats are making it known that if Donald Trump wins in November, they will not accept the results of the election.

35:00 History of Cancel Culture (20 minutes)

In this segment, I talk about the history of cancel culture and the effort to blot out America’s and Britain’s history with God.

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