A Lamb for a House


A Lamb for a House

03:00 Listener Feedback (6 minutes)

09:00 A Lamb for a House (20 minutes)

The Passover is a sacred and solemn occasion. In ancient Israel, the entire nation was required to play a role in the keeping of this day. In this segment, I explain why the Passover and the responsibility each individual has to observe this day properly.

[31:30] Wyoming Is Not New York (24 minutes)

When it comes to social distancing, the urban-based media outlets want all of America to know that the state of Wyoming is failing. If Wyoming doesn’t start enforcing stricter social-distancing measures, it will be responsible for spreading the coronavirus, we’re told. Meanwhile, no one seems interested in explaining why the New York City borough of Queens is the epicenter of America’s coronavirus crisis.

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