THE EU’s new prize


On September 5, the Maltese electorate ousted their socialist government, formally led by Alfred Sant. The Labor Party leader was previously voted in during elections in October 1996. Replaced now by the conservative leader of the Nationalist Party, Eddie Fenech Adami, Mr. Sant’s anti-European Union Labor Party will sit in opposition to the pro-EU conservatives. Shortly before his taking office as Malta’s new Prime Minister, Fenech Adami renewed his commitment to pursuing EU membership.

Throughout history, Malta has been a strategic Mediterranean sea gate to numerous nations under which it has suffered invasion and forcible possession. The Maltese people’s stoic endurance under the Nazi siege during World War ii was recognized by King George vi in his awarding the whole island nation the George Cross for bravery.

The real power brokers in the EU recognize Malta’s importance as a strategic Mediterranean gateway. Already they are moving to give Cyprus, a crucial gateway for Europe to the Middle East, early entry to the European Union.

With both Cyprus and Malta in the EU camp, it would only remain for the Union to take over Gibraltar from British control for them to possess the three prime choke-points controlling access to and the movement of shipping throughout the entire Mediterranean. The liberal-socialist government of Tony Blair yet may prove to be the facilitator of this handover of the final link in this chain of Mediterranean sea gates formally possessed by Britain [biblical Ephraim] in fulfillment of the promises of God to the seed of Abraham (Gen. 24:60).

[Factual errors concerning the awarding of the George Cross appeared in the original version of this article. The correct details appear in the above text.]