Silence Is Golden


[06:00] True Happiness (17 minutes)

Americans owe over $1 trillion in credit card debt. However, that isn’t stopping many from going into further debt for the upcoming holiday season. We live in a materialistic culture, where many people believe buying more things will bring them more happiness. In this segment, I discuss the true source of happiness.

[23:00] Turbulent World (8 minutes)

In this segment, I take a closer look at the chaos in the Middle East. Protests in Lebanon, Iraq and Iran are making the region even more complicated and unstable. Bible prophecy describes how this tangled mess will unravel.

[31:30] Elections in Germany (8 minutes)

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition could break down again soon, leading to more political instability in Germany. How much longer can Germany go on like this? How much longer before the German people demand a strong leader?

[39:50] The Element of Silence (15 minutes)

How effective are you at eliminating distractions? Are you afraid of silence and alone time? Of course, everything must be done in balance, but how often do you take alone time to meditate and reflect on things? In this segment, I talk about how Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill were unafraid of silence.