America Needs the Barr-Durham Investigation

Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz testifies before a House Oversight and Government Reform committee hearing.
Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call

America Needs the Barr-Durham Investigation

00:38 Whitewashing Lawlessness (24 minutes)

Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz is due to release a report on December 9 regarding the FBI’s involvement in 2016 U.S. elections. New York Times columnist Adam Goldman wrote about this upcoming report in his article “Russia Inquiry Review Is Expected to Undercut Trump Claim of FBI Spying.” We analyze this article and discuss the lawless reality the media continually whitewashes.

25:00 Impeachment Hearings Backfire on the Democrats (7 minutes)

Despite all the impeachment efforts by the Democrats, their public support is dwindling. Their plan to impeach President Donald Trump is backfiring.

32:10 Key of David: Confidence in Christ (25 minutes)

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