Leakers, Whistleblowers, Colluders and Busybodies

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman appears before the House Intelligence Committee during the House impeachment inquiry concerning President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on Tuesday November 19, 2019.
Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Leakers, Whistleblowers, Colluders and Busybodies

00:30 Johnson-Corbyn Debate (5 minutes)

Who really won last night’s debate?

05:30 Impeachment Disgrace (34 minutes)

The impeachment hearings thus far have been debates about different people’s interpretation of a phone call. We have the transcript. The facts are known. Yet America is being dragged through this embarrassing spectacle. Democrats determined three years ago that Donald Trump needed to be impeached. They never recognized him as the legitimate president. We are witnessing how far the radical left will go to return to power—and it’s very scary.

39:30 Bible Study: Be Urgent to Follow God (15 minutes)

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