CrowdStrike and the DNC

CrowdStrike Chief Executive George Kurtz is photographed in the company’s offices.
Katie Falkenberg/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

CrowdStrike and the DNC

00:30 The Summer PACs in Review (8 minutes)

In this segment, we take a brief look at this summer’s Personal Appearance Campaigns and the fruits they have produced over the past 15 weeks.

08:20 A Cold Civil War (27 minutes)

The temporary resurgence in America and Britain is exactly that—temporary. As the Bible prophesies, the division and corruption in the leadership will thrust both America and Britain into civil war, and their cities will burn with fire.

35:47 Doing God’s Word (17 minutes)

It is entirely possible to worship God in vain—to hear the word and do nothing. God says that we must be more than hearers only or else we are deceiving ourselves. We must be doers of God’s Word!

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