She Had the Gift of Encouragement

Mrs. Barbara Flurry with her children

She Had the Gift of Encouragement

01:51 Passing the Surrender Bill (19 minutes)

Yesterday was a dark day for Prime Minister Boris Johnson as Parliament passed the Surrender Bill, but the battle for Brexit is not over yet.

20:50 A Gift for Encouragement (22 minutes)

Fifteen years on from my dear mother’s death, her positive and wonderful impact on my life and others is still felt. In this segment, I take you down memory lane to share some inspiring lessons from my mother, especially her gift for encouragement.

42:56 Facing the Truth (13 minutes)

As my father says in his booklet Winston S. Churchill: The Watchman, the mark of a great leader is that he always tells the truth, no matter how hard it is to accept! Such was the case with Sir Winston S. Churchill. Do we have the courage to face the truth?

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