The Brexit Battle and Jim Comey’s Investigation of Donald Trump

Ousted FBI director James Comey listens during a hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Capitol Hill June 8, 2017 in Washington, DC.

The Brexit Battle and Jim Comey’s Investigation of Donald Trump

06:22Upholding the Law(8 minutes)

Opponents of Prime Minister Boris Johnson would like to postpone Brexit for an additional three months, despite the 2016 vote of the people to leave the European Union. But Prime Minister Johnson’s administration is working overtime to uphold the law and see the vote of the people through.

14:16 Exposing the DNC(15 minutes)

During the 2016 United States elections, a Democratic National Committee (DNC) insider solicited dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and even tried to enlist Ukraine’s president to help in this process. Now, this “Chalupa report” is backfiring against the DNC, exposing it for its scandalous attempt to keep U.S. President Donald Trump from ever taking office.

31:01 Speaking the Truth(23 minutes)

September 1 was the 80th anniversary of Germany’s invasion of Poland and the initiation of World War II. While most would prefer to hear “smooth things,” God commands his watchman and supporters to warn and speak the truth.

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