Britain’s Constitutional ‘Crisis’ and the Iran-Israel War

Britain’s Constitutional ‘Crisis’ and the Iran-Israel War

01:44 Proroguing Parliament (5 minutes)

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being lambasted for asking the Queen to prorogue parliament. The leftist media are calling him a dictator for seeking to carry out the will of the majority in Britain—Brexit.

06:23 Ignoring the Rest of the World (10 minutes)

While the major media of America and Britain are consumed with the deep state agenda, the rest of the world is going unnoticed and unreported!

17:03 Outsmarting President Obama (23 minutes)

When President Trump called out the Obama administration for being outsmarted by Russia over Crimea, the media immediately rose in defense of the president’s predecessor. In this segment, we review what actually happened in Crimea in early 2014.

40:38 A Positive Outlook in Life (15 minutes)

What is the key to abundant living? What is the key to joy and excitement in life? In this segment, we consider what the Bible says about being grateful and staying positive.

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