What Your Children Are Learning at College


What Your Children Are Learning at College

03:03 Truth Cast to the Ground (7 minutes)

America’s history is being rewritten. In this segment, I briefly discuss some of the recent attempts by major newspapers to make America seem as though it is built on racism.

10:06 Democrats and Israel (9 minutes)

President Donald Trump recently called out Jewish Democrats for contributing to a party that is disloyal to Israel. In this segment, I quote from an article by Melanie Phillips that explains the context and truth behind Mr. Trump’s comment.

18:48 Breakdown Between Germany and America (3 minutes)

The relationship between America and Germany is fracturing. Here are some of the most recent examples that illustrate the tense relationship.

22:17 Britain’s Royal Family in Trouble (5 minutes)

From the Duke of York being caught up in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal to Harry and Meghan’s unroyal behavior, the Spectator asks: “Can the royal family survive its makeover?”

29:00 The Trouble With College (25 minutes)

Most colleges today fail to prepare young people for life ahead. What is the problem with education today? And is there a solution?

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