Unbiased Observation


Unbiased Observation

02:03 Fruits of Obedience (10 minutes)

Since the first Personal Appearance Campaign (PAC) this year, God’s work and Church membership has experienced explosive growth, displaying the positive fruits of doing God’s PACs His way.

11:49 Fruits of Lawlessness (21 minutes)

Cities across the United States have become progressively more lawless. As a result, they have become nerve centers for crime, poverty, violence and conflict, illustrating the undeniable fruits of lawlessness in our cities.

32:59 Loving True Education (22 minutes)

Herbert W. Armstrong College provides true education for its students, filling their minds with God’s law and way of life. In this segment, I give you a glance at some of the classes at God’s college, and the wonderful fruits that they abundantly produce.

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