The Building Block of Great Nations

The Building Block of Great Nations

03:05 Memphis PAC Feedback (5 minutes)

In this segment are comments from those who attended the Memphis Personal Appearance Campaign.

07:59 Strength of a Nation (7 minutes)

The strength of a family is the strength of a nation. In this end time, there is a catastrophic breakdown in America and Britain because our families are falling apart.

15:38 Romans 1 (20 minutes)

As God reveals in Romans 1, the overwhelming majority of mankind rejects Him as Creator and Ruler. Doing so has plunged man into a state of decadence and immorality. How can you guard against the immorality consuming this world?

35:25 Chartwell Booksellers and an Interview (15 minutes)

During our stay in New York, we went to Chartwell Booksellers—the only Churchill bookstore in the world! While there, we were able to interview the bookstore’s owner, Barry Singer.

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