A Trip Down Memory Lane

Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington

A Trip Down Memory Lane

4:15 A Great Falling Away (18 minutes)
God richly and abundantly blessed the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) under Herbert W. Armstrong. Following his death, there was a great falling away from God’s truth! What happened to God’s Church, and where is it now?

22:00 Raising the Ruins (22 minutes)
God used a small remnant of humble, dedicated people to raise the ruins of His work. Although WCG ministers compared our small beginning to a peanut shell floating on the ocean, God’s work in the PCG has grown at a phenomenal rate! God has raised the ruins, and the fruits prove it.

42:38 Spokane PAC Media Montage (10 minutes)
This segment includes comments and lecture soundbites from the Spokane, Washington, Personal Appearance Campaign.

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