We Have Good News!


[04:30] Too Much News (30 minutes)

Few realize how much the news dominates our society. In the age of smartphones, everyone is just a button away from breaking news happening anywhere on Earth. This may seem like a good thing, but what sort of impact is it having on the way we process news? More than ever, the priority with reporting is to grab attention—to be first, rather than to inform. The narrative and the slant dominate the story more than the events the stories are about. More people are scanning headlines rather than investing time in research. How is it that news is more ubiquitous and accessible than ever while at the same time truth and facts are harder to find?

Jesus Christ said the Pharisees could discern the warning signs in the weather, but they could “not discern the signs of the times.” They couldn’t understand important events and explain where they were leading. In this segment, I talk about the real news you should be watching and why it is being buried by so much noise.

[35:05] Historian John Lukacs Dies at Age 95 (20 minutes)

Historian John Lukacs died yesterday. The Associated Press wrote that “in a profession where liberals were a clear majority, [Lukacs] was sharply critical of the left and of the cultural revolution of the 1960s.” In this segment, I discuss Lukacs’s approach to studying history and what lessons we learn from it.