Screen Time: Power Off This Summer!

Screen Time: Power Off This Summer!

02:50 Democrats Scramble for Attention (15 minutes)

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke introduced his $5 trillion climate plan this week. Without explaining where the money would come from, or laying out a practical plan for how to spend it, O’Rourke said bold change is needed because we have only 10 years left. The Democratic candidates are outdoing themselves in the race to the bottom.

17:00 Time for a United States of Europe (15 minutes)

A recent article in the Berlin Policy Journal called for the states of Europe to unite in order to form a more powerful and dominant union.

30:35 Turn Off the Screens This Summer (25 minutes)

This summer, limit screen usage and spend more time moving outside! John Adams said, “Move or die is the language of our Maker in in the constitution of our bodies.” In this segment, I talk about the value of movement and why it’s more necessary than ever to dedicate time to physical activity.

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