Europe’s Help Welcomed in Gaza


Israelis had a devilish time controlling the border between Gaza and Egypt even while they controlled the Gaza Strip. Terrorists were so intent on getting weapons into Gaza that they dug smuggling tunnels under the border.

It should have come as no surprise, then, that as soon as Israeli forces retreated from the territory in mid-September, border controls between Gaza and Egypt collapsed, with tens of thousands of Palestinians flocking across the border into Egypt, and an unknown number of guns, missiles and terrorists making the reverse trip.

Now, Israel is backed into a corner. Having made the concession to the Palestinians, the Jewish government is loath to step in and take control of the border again. And Egypt is certainly no help. Israel needs outside intervention.

Enter the European Union.

Israel has agreed in principle to an EU security force assisting with policing the Gaza-Egypt border.

According to Reuters, the French foreign minister said that “the EU had offered to help oversee Gaza’s crossings with Egypt as a third party to enable people and goods to pass without being subject to Israeli control” (September 19).

But is Europe a trustworthy ally for Israel? That Israel would even consider inviting Europe in to ensure its security is a remarkable, even startling, scenario.

Europe has an intense interest in the Middle East, Israel in particular. The Trumpet has consistently forecast that despite Europe’s blatant pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel bias, its ties with Israel would strengthen as it muscles its way into a larger role in the region.

Though Israel has, understandably, been somewhat suspicious of the EU’s moves, it has nevertheless tolerated—if not welcomed—Europe’s involvement in its affairs. As we stated in a Trumpet article last September, “Israel has few friends—and few options. The time will come when it will welcome Europe’s involvement in its security.”

Indeed, we now see Israel, as it becomes more desperate and comes under increasing international pressure, prepared to invite EU forces in to help in a security capacity.

Senior Israeli officials said that an agreement has been made for EU personnel to work with Palestinian security forces and Egyptian police, though the exact extent of participation by EU forces had not yet been decided.

Also, according to EU officials, Israel is considering an EU offer to take over control of customs at Gaza’s seaport and airport.

Certainly, that Europe would make such offers is no surprise. Last year, the EU had already drafted plans to deploy a peacekeeping force in the Gaza Strip following the Israeli withdrawal. And EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana confirmed in July that European law enforcement experts were already helping train the Palestinian security forces (Der Spiegel, July 11).

But that Israel would be open to such offers demonstrates just how worn down and desperate the Jews are.

After its retreat from Gaza—itself demonstrating Israeli weakness—Israel, to fill a security void, is now looking to an entity that has consistently taken the side of its enemies! This exposes an Israeli mindset that is destined to bring about that nation’s destruction.

In the past several years, the EU has increasingly involved itself, much of the time behind the scenes, in the Middle East peace process. At the same time, it has strengthened its economic and other ties with Israel. In September, for example, Israel and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement to operate a joint transportation office with the EU’s assistance. Because the EU has agreed to fund the project, it will “play a major role” in large transportation projects within Israel and the Palestinian territories (IsraelNationalNews .com, September 22).

Though Europe is interested in Israel for reasons of both resources and security, the real prize it is after is Jerusalem.

The Bible speaks of a time when European forces will embark on a peacekeeping mission in Jerusalem. Speaking of the “king of the north”—a European power bloc—Daniel prophesies, “He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown” (Daniel 11:41). The “glorious land” is the Holy Land. The language employed here indicates that this is a peaceful entry—not forced. It appears the Jews will invite those European armies in as peacekeepers.

But this sequence of events is prophesied to lead to a massive double-cross against the Jewish state. Jesus Christ described it in Luke 21:20: “And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.”

This is speaking of a time yet future, but even now we can see Israel acquiescing to a security role for the EU. Though it is now just to assist securing the Gaza-Egyptian border, this is nevertheless a truly momentous development.

Watch for the time to come when such forces will surround Jerusalem.