Democrats weaponize racist rhetoric

United States Sen. Kamala Harris accused President Donald Trump of racism in an interview published in The Root on February 26. She was asked, “So you definitely agree that he’s a racist?” She replied, “I do, yes. Yes.”

Other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates also agree that he is a racist. Sen. Bernie Sanders called the president “a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe and someone who is undermining American democracy as he leads us in an authoritarian direction.” Sen. Sherrod Brown told nbc’s Meet the Press, “We have a president who’s a racist.” Sen. Cory Booker was slightly more circumspect, saying, “I don’t know the heart of anybody,” then said the president uses “bigoted language.”

In spite of these accusations, the president’s approval rating among black and Hispanic voters continues to climb. One poll indicates that President Trump may receive 20 percent of the black vote on Election Day 2020—almost three times the share he received during the 2016 presidential election. Another poll shows that his support among Hispanic adults jumped from 31 percent to 51 percent after he ramped up his push to get funding for a border wall.

If President Trump gets 20 percent of the black vote and 50 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2020, there is almost no way for the Democrats to win the election. This is why Democrats are vociferously condemning President Trump as a racist.

Race is a crucial issue for the Democratic Party, which sometimes refers to itself as the “rainbow coalition.” This coalition is full of conflicts and paradoxes. Feminists vote alongside Islamists. Hispanic Catholics vote alongside atheistic abortionists. Working-class blacks vote alongside open-borders activists. Many people selecting “Democrat” at the ballot box actually vote against their own values and interests because they regard the Republican Party as the greater (racist) evil. Now that an increasing number of blacks and Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic Party, party leaders are doubling down on their message that “the Republican president is a racist.”

But doubling down on accusations of racism will have devastating consequences.

Bible prophecies make clear that violent riots are going to erupt in the cities of end-time Israel (the United States and Britain primarily). Isaiah 1:7 states: “Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.”

The racially charged rhetoric hurled by politicians is stirring up negative emotions and anger. This rhetoric may be intended as a vote-getting play, but it is already starting to boil over into riots and protests.

Suicide, alcohol, drug deaths reach all-time high

The number of deaths caused by suicide, alcohol and drugs is rising, according to a report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Well Being Trust, released March 5. Since data collection began in 1999, national rates for all three causes of death had doubled by 2017. From 2016 to 2017, the number of deaths rose 6 percent from 43.9 to 46.6 deaths per 100,000 people. Suicides rose 4 percent from 13.9 to 14.5 deaths per 100,000, doubling the annual average over the previous decade. Add to this the fact that for every suicide death, there are 25 more attempted suicides. In America, someone dies by suicide every 12.8 minutes. Across the world, someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds.

In his book The Incredible Human Potential, the late Herbert W. Armstrong wrote that the most important knowledge was “the purpose for which humanity was put on Earth.” What is that purpose? “Our potential is to be born into the God Family, receiving total power!” Mr. Armstrong wrote. “We are to be given jurisdiction over the entire universe!”

This living hope is the way to solve problems like suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse. For more information, read our articles “The Truth About Suicide” and “Manage Your Stress—Substance Free.”

Britain 2018: Another record year for anti-Semitism

In 2018, Britain recorded more incidents of anti-Semitism than ever before. The Community Security Trust released its 2018 Anti-Semitic Incidents Report on February 7, detailing the third year in a row of record-breaking anti-Semitic statistics. Since the Community Security Trust began recording Britain’s anti-Semitic incidents in 1984, 2016 set the record for most incidents ever reported, at 1,375. In 2017, the number reached 1,420. In 2018, the record was shattered again, rising to 1,652.

Zechariah 11:14 prophesies that God will “break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel” due to the sins of the people. The Jews are the descendants of the tribe of Judah, and the British are the descendants of the tribe of Ephraim (one of the lost 10 tribes of Israel). Rising anti-Semitism in Britain is a result of broken brotherhood.