Thought Crimes, Double Standards and Open Doors


[03:20] Thought Crimes (13 minutes)

Police in the United Kingdom are dedicating time and resources to investigating thought crimes. The latest incident is of a woman who was reported to police for posting supposedly “transphobic” comments on Twitter. The trouble is, who determines what is hate speech? In this segment, I talk about the “thought” police in Britain and why this new trend should help us appreciate the U.S. Constitution.

[15:46] Open Doors in Jerusalem (15 minutes)

In this segment, I give more details about my father’s recent trip to Jerusalem. God miraculously opened doors for the work on this trip, and there are many lessons we can learn from these experiences.

[30:04] Robbers Cave Audio (10 minutes)

Herbert W. Armstrong College held its annual campout a few weeks back. In this segment, we present some audio about the campout in Loch Lomond, Scotland, as well as some history about the campout.