NFL Star: Family Is a Gift Ordained By God

Benjamin Watson
Getty Images

NFL Star: Family Is a Gift Ordained By God

02:00 Trump Is Guilty of Something (13 minutes)

Since Democrats took control of the House of Representatives they’ve been on a tireless search for anything damaging to President Donald Trump. Judge Andrew Napolitano recently said this investigation is “almost literally a witch hunt.”

15:20 Knife Crime in United Kingdom at Crisis Level (10 minutes)

Knife crimes in the United Kingdom’s largest cities have skyrocketed over the past couple of years. The trend is especially pervasive among young adults and teenagers. What is driving the rise in crime?

24:00 Nations Live or Die By the Family (30 minutes)

Former NFL player Benjamin Watson recently delivered a speech on the importance of family. Watson’s speech was a breath of fresh air, and was unique coming from an individual who worked in an industry that has done so little to promote family values. In this segment, I play some soundbites from Watson’s speech and discuss why family is all-important.

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