The End Is Near—for Air Travel and Cows

The End Is Near—for Air Travel and Cows

00:30 The Green New Deal (28 minutes)

Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced her Green New Deal this week. If you thought the radical left couldn’t get any more radical—think again. Within a 10-year time frame, Ocasio-Cortez’s new deal would see the abolishment of air travel, the end of the combustion engine, and the end of meat consumption. At first glance, the deal reads like a parody. But she’s serious. And the shocking thing is, nearly all of the potential 2020 Democratic candidates back the Green New Deal. On the first half of today’s show, we take a closer look at the radical left’s utopian fantasy.

31:38 What Led to Herbert Armstrong’s Conversion (10 minutes)

Herbert W. Armstrong set a marvelous example of surrendering to God. In this segment, I talk about some of the difficult lessons he learned in the lead-up to his conversion to God’s truth.

40:30 E-mail Feedback (15 minutes)

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