A Message From Stephen Flurry

The Trumpet’s executive editor presents a live Online Appearance Campaign on theTrumpet.com.

Are you really getting the Trumpet’s message? You are holding this magazine in your hands. You are reading about Europe’s search for leadership, about radical Islam’s push in all directions, about Asia’s economic superpower, and about the Americans, the British and the Jews decaying morally, economically and strategically.

You are reading about how these enormous, complex and fateful events will affect your life. And you are reading passages from the Bible that show that these events were prophesied thousands of years in advance. But are you really getting the Trumpet’s message?

There is something more you need to do.

Hundreds of thousands of people in more than 130 countries read the Trumpet. But few act on it. Maybe this includes you. They follow the message, they agree with it, but they have yet to take the next step. The same God who inspired the Bible’s amazing prophecies also inspired it to show you what to do next. Only those few whom God calls and works with even have an opportunity to respond to His message. But maybe that includes you.

Find out what the next step is. Watch the Trumpet’s special online Personal Appearance Campaign with Stephen Flurry on Sunday, February 24.