Russia, China Draw Closer


Russia and China carried out joint military exercises in August with naval ships, bombers, fighter planes and 10,000 troops. Experts say these exercises weren’t really about military training though: They were intended to show how close Russia and China have become.

The scope of these exercises provided exactly the bold, dramatic step needed to grab the world’s attention—especially regarding the often-threatened island of Taiwan. A senior Chinese military official even suggested the exercises were intended to deter the United States from taking action if the island moved toward independence and China responded with a military attack. A strong military ally for China clearly threatens Taiwanese independence.

As for the Russians, they have now demonstrated that they can carry out major military operations in at least two arenas simultaneously. Stratfor reported on August 16 that Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the maks 2005 international air show in Moscow demonstrating Russia’s most advanced aerospace systems—before traveling to observe the military exercises. “Both exercises serve to reinforce a powerful message to the United States that Russia is still strong and has modern, high-tech means to defend its national interests at the time of a U.S.-led geopolitical offensive against Russia. The exercises are thus intended to show that Russia could successfully resort to military means to stop Washington’s encroachment into its adjacent areas, and that Russia has strong allies ready and able to cooperate militarily with Moscow.”

The Trumpet has forecasted this Sino-Russian alliance for over a decade, following after Herbert W. Armstrong, who did the same for decades before that. How did he know, so far in advance, what we would only now see in our headlines?

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