Same-Sex Unions Recognized


Five years ago, same-sex marriage was illegal in every Western country. In 2001, the Netherlands started the ball rolling with the first laws approving same-sex marriage. Since that time, the debate has raged around the world.

The last week in June, just four years after the Dutch took that first step, Spain and Canada seemingly raced to the finish line to see which country could legalize homosexual marriage first. Many other Western nations have laws providing some sort of legal recognition to same-sex couples.

July 4, the United Church of Christ became the first mainstream Christian denomination to support same-sex marriage with a resolution that offered “equal marriage rights for couples regardless of gender.” Now we can watch as the endorsement of same-sex marriage spreads to other religious groups, just as it has to governments around the world.

The question this raises is fundamental: What is marriage? Is it something that can be defined by the state? Is it something that a religion defines?

Even more fundamental: What defines a family? Why male and female at all?

Most have already made up their own mind as to what they think on this issue. On both sides of the marriage debate, you find name calling, argument based on emotion, and a general lack of input from the Bible as the authority.

For a godly view of the same-sex marriage debate, please read our September-October 2003 article “War Over Marriage” or request Herbert W. Armstrong’s masterful work on the subject, Why Marriage! Soon Obsolete?