Your Incredible Human Mind

It can hold more information than 4.7 billion books.

American scientists have discovered that the brain’s capacity is 10 times greater than originally thought, according to a study from two years ago. Science continues to make fascinating discoveries—particularly with respect to the capabilities of the human brain. Technological advances have made it possible for scientists to acquire more knowledge about the brain than ever before. As astounding as these discoveries are, there are mysteries about the human brain that they do not know—but you can!

The Telegraph wrote an article back in 2016 explaining some of the findings of the study. In order to measure the brain’s storage capacity, scientists studied the connections in the brain responsible for storing memories, known as synapses. What they found is simply astounding. The Telegraph reported (emphasis added throughout):

They discovered that, on average, one synapse can hold roughly 4.7 bits of information. This means that the human brain has a capacity of one petabyte, or 1,000,000,000,000,000 [quadrillion] bytes. One petabyte is the same as 20 million four-drawer filing cabinets filled with text, 13.3 years of hd-tv recordings, 4.7 billion books or 670 million web pages.

That is what just one human brain has the capacity to absorb. That is astonishing! Our brains have a greater capacity for learning than we previously thought. Though the research doesn’t concern archived memories—only the total amount of information the brain could theoretically carry at one moment—the discovery is still a “real bombshell in the field of neuroscience,” according to biology professor Terry Sejnowski.

Just think about what the human mind is capable of. It doesn’t just have the ability to store information, but to assimilate and use that information! Think about the feats of the human mind. Today we can carry around smartphones—super-sophisticated little computers in the palms of our hands! It was the human mind that developed that machine with all its computing power. It was the human mind that put these devices together and gave them the ability to store information.

You know that the phone in your back pocket, or the computer on your desk, didn’t just come into existence by chance. You know that there was a great designer behind it! A lot of human minds went into developing it! If it takes a being with mind power to create such devices, how can we reason that we evolved from inferior beings? Isn’t it obvious that a great mastermind had to give us our human minds and intellect?

Mankind has the ability to think, reason and execute what he has thought out and planned.

Animals, on the other hand, have brains similar to that of humans, but they do not create, design or think. They do not appreciate music, construct, build or make decisions. Animals act instinctively and do not practice self-restraint or patience.

Why such a vast difference between man and animal?

As my father explained in his Key of David program from 2017 titled “The Mystery of Man,” if you look at higher education, you will see all kinds of courses studying into psychology and the human brain. Despite all the effort to pick apart and analyze the human brain, they still cannot explain the human mind. It is a mystery to them!

Higher education is unwilling to concede the possibility of the spiritual. Rather than looking at the incredible power of the human mind as designed and created by God, they conclude it must have developed from evolution.

Scientists today continue to grapple with the mysteries of the human mind that the late educator Herbert W. Armstrong unlocked decades ago. You can read about it in his booklet What Science Can’t Discover About the Human Mind.

Quoting from Job 32:8, Mr. Armstrong explained back in 1981:

There is a spirit in man. You can’t find any place were the Bible says there is a spirit in animals—in a cow or a turkey or an elephant. But there is a spirit in man, and that spirit empowers the physical brain with materialist intellect; and I say “materialistic intellect” because that’s all it does. That’s all it does.

Man is made in the image, the form and shape, of God; and man is made with a mind, which an animal doesn’t have. That is the way in which man is different from an animal. He has a mind like God. He’s in the form and shape of God. He has hands, for example, which an animal does not have. Man was made to have a relationship with God; but he was also made to have a relationship with his fellows, with his neighbors, with his children and other people’s children as the Earth became populated.

Do you know why you were given such impressive brainpower? Do you know why mankind is utterly unique? Why the vast difference between man and animal? If you would like the answer to these questions, please request your free copies of The Incredible Human Potential and Mystery of the Ages.

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