Two Important Videos

The overarching goal with these videos is to spotlight news events and trends that fulfill biblical prophecy.

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This week we finished two new Trumpet Talk videos. While these videos aren’t about to win an Academy Award, and there is always room for improvement, I’m pretty chuffed with what we created and with the general direction we are headed with video.

Creating video is both really easy and really difficult. On one hand, technology makes it possible for virtually anyone with a smartphone to create a video and stick it on the Internet. On the other hand, creating a product that is professional and compelling, and that adds value to the life of the viewer, is a major challenge. You have to consider all sorts of things: the overall purpose, the style and tone, the script, the language, the delivery. And then there are all sorts of technical details, like lighting, which can be finicky and easy to get wrong.

There are times when you’re on your fourth take because you keep bungling the simplest word, or you’re frowning uncontrollably, or there’s some strange shadow over your ear, that you begin to wonder: Is this worth it?

I think it is. And the two videos we produced this week illustrate why.

On Monday, we posted a Trumpet Talk from Andrew Miiller about China’s quest to control global trade. This is a major and alarming global development, and it’s a trend that most of us are probably aware of. But it’s also a trend we’ve probably become a little indifferent toward. We’ve been hearing about China’s rise for so long, it’s easy to read over the headlines thinking it’s just more of the same.

Andrew’s video is an interesting and welcome reminder of just how alarming China’s behavior really is, and what it portends. And it only required 4 minutes, 27 seconds of time.

Earlier today, we posted a Trumpet Talk from Jeremiah Jacques about Russia’s goal to establish a warm-water port in Syria. Russia’s effort to expand its sphere of influence is another major and alarming trend, and one that most of us are probably familiar with. But the problem with the familiar is that we tend to ignore it, which means the familiar can easily and surreptitiously become unfamiliar.

If I’m honest, this is what happened to me on the subject of Russia and its imperial aspirations. In my mind, Vladimir Putin is always behaving pugnaciously, always looking to expand Russia’s global power, and always doing something to undermine America and the West. With this general view, I began to overlook the details of Russia’s expansion.

Jeremiah’s video was a short, jolting reminder of how aggressive Putin is and how Russia’s behavior is driving the world toward conflict. Russia is establishing a militarized, warm-water port in Syria; this development will have enormous ramifications, strategically, geopolitically and prophetically!

Our analysts put a lot of thought into selecting the topics of their videos. The overarching goal with these videos is to spotlight news events and trends that fulfill biblical prophecy. Each video features facts, proof and tangible evidence that demonstrates the fulfillment of a specific Bible prophecy. We understand that some of our viewers aren’t especially interested in prophecy, and that’s OK. These videos are informative and important, even if one does not understand (or accept) the prophetic dimension.

Ultimately, at least for those who are interested in Bible prophecy, we think these videos are important because they educate our faith.

If you’d like to watch some of our videos, you can see them at or on the Trumpet’s YouTube page.