Germany Signs Up to European Union Military

Europe’s strongest nation joins a major military initiative, increases weapons sales to Middle East.

Twenty-three European Union nations took a major step toward forming a European army on Monday. They agreed to begin planning their defense, spending their money, and selecting their priorities like one large power rather than 23 smaller ones.

Not everyone in the EU signed up for this. For some, handing over this much control of their defense was too much.

Unlike many other EU treaties, this one has (some) teeth. Nations that don’t pull their weight can be kicked out of this new exclusive club.

The agreement requires signatories to regularly increase their defense spending. The Nation wrote that the agreement is “calling for a massive increase in military investment and to pave the way for the deployment of European forces.”

The signing ceremony was an “emotional moment” and a “historic moment in European defense,” said EU Foreign Policy and Defense Chief Federica Mogherini. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel called it “a milestone in European development.”

This is a major step in these nations working more closely together. So now, when Germany is deciding what to spend its money on, it will do it with the entire EU in mind. These nations will work together on developing weapons, so instead of 23 nations developing 23 tanks, there will be much more pressure to develop a single EU tank.

The deal contains quite a few practical steps that will help Europe work together, and you can read more about those in my article “EU Leaders Take ‘Historic’ Step Toward United Military.”

This is something that the world should be more concerned about.

Articles discussing a united European military are about the possibility of a new military superpower. It is extremely naive to assume such a power would never disagree with the United States.

This is also heavily discussed in Bible prophecy. Many prophecies throughout the Bible discuss a united European superpower. It is a really important prophecy to watch for. To learn why and the good news beyond this, read “Why the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Push Toward a Unified Military.”

Now another piece of news, more specifically from Germany, this week: German exports to Saudi Arabia and Egypt have quintupled—increased fivefold—in the third quarter of 2017 compared to the same time period last year. The German Economy Ministry disclosed the figures this week after requests from the Left Party.

Egypt bought €300 million (us$342.8 million) of weapons in those two months alone, and Saudi Arabia spent €150 million ($171.4 million).

The government hasn’t said what it sold to Egypt, but Saudi Arabia likely purchased four patrol boats and 110 military trucks.

The Trumpet has long forecast that Germany would increase its involvement in the Middle East, and these kinds of arms sales are a big part of building its alliances and influence there. For more on what’s behind this, read our trends article “Why the Trumpet Watches an Alliance Between Arab Nations and Europe.”