Germany’s Quiet Crisis and a Landmark Speech From KT zu Guttenberg

Those who say Germany’s election is ‘boring’ are not watching Germany closely enough.

Germany is experiencing a quiet crisis. The nation faces multiple threats domestically and externally. Germany is struggling with the integration of more than 1 million migrants, the growing presence of Islam, and the perpetual threat of Islamist terrorist attacks. Many Germans feel their culture and heritage are under threat. Externally, Europe is beset by economic crises and Russia continues to meddle in Eastern Europe.

All these issues are converging to create instability and uncertainty. The German people are growing anxious, frustrated and fearful. This crisis is made worse by the fact that Germany’s mainstream leaders, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, are almost entirely oblivious to the anxiety and fear welling up inside Germany.

It looks probable that Merkel will be reelected on September 24. Another Merkel chancellorship will do nothing to solve Germany’s quiet crisis. In fact, it will only intensify the crisis. This means there is a good chance that Germany, even after the election, will not have the leader the German people desire.

This is the context in which we are watching Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. We believe KT zu Guttenberg may be the leader Germany wants.

Last Monday, Guttenberg delivered what could end up being a landmark speech at the Gillamoos festival in Abensberg. He spoke for 90 minutes, without notes, and sustained by only a large mug of beer. We watched KT’s Gillamoos speech and translated it.

This was the most powerful, the most confident, and the most sincere and compelling speech I’ve seen from KT. It wasn’t just the eloquent delivery, it was the content. Guttenberg actually talked publicly and meaningfully about the issues on the minds of the German people.

In this first clip, KT makes the point that the world is on fire and that Germany cannot shy away from exerting more global leadership.

In the second clip, he discusses at length the topic that most Germans want to hear about: the migrant crisis. He makes the point that Germany needs a clear refugee policy. He says that criminal migrants need to be tossed out of the country.

In this final clip, KT bravely discusses the religion of Islam. He talks about how Muslim men treat their women. He says that when he sees a woman in a burka walking down the street in the hot sun, all he sees is suppression. He concludes by stating that there is no room in Germany for such behavior.