German Base Steps on U.S. Toes


With over a thousand military families and 90 fighter planes, a German military migration is evicting U.S. residents on American soil.

As we reported in the August 1996 Trumpet, a German training center has been established at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The facility houses 42 Tornado fighter planes and 24 R-4 Phantom fighters and was proudly dubbed by the Pentagon as the first permanent foreign military base to be built in America.

In an agreement between the German and U.S. governments, New Mexico was selected as base operations for its wide open spaces which are more suitable for German Tornado pilot training than densely populated Europe. The program is to be expanded with the addition of 30 more German planes and the tripling of the current number of low-level test flights. Plans are also underway to create a new bombing range taking up to ten square miles of public land in south central New Mexico.

The German Tornados are designed to fly low and fast, avoiding enemy radar. However they are not avoiding the anger of many in New Mexico and its bordering states with claims that the U.S. is sleeping with the enemy. CNN Earthwatch, of February 15, 1998, reported that “opponents are upset that German flyers are using U.S. airspace and rattling their ear drums and they point to the recent tragedy in Italy in which a low-flying U.S. naval plane clipped a ski lift cable and left 20 people dead.”

In his August 1996 Personal, Gerald Flurry wrote, “People were saying that Germany and the world were too civilized to plunge this planet into a world war. Then came World War I—the worst war ever. Then came World War II, far worse with the death of 50-60 million people! Are we too civilized for such a tragedy today? And what if our gamble with Germany today is dead wrong? As Churchill said, it is a mistake you make only once! All Americans would pay the deadly price! It gives us the potential to be attacked and destroyed from within. Is there no risk in America allowing the Germans to establish a sophisticated military base in our land? History thunders a warning to our unteachable leaders!”

With the memoirs of man’s failure printed on the pages of time, George Santayana’s famous statement that those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it rings in the ears of avid world watchers. The permanent German Air Base in Alamogordo is a mistake you make only once. Now, with the U.S. standing on the threshold of attack from within, will its leaders awaken from their stupor in time to find that they have been sleeping with the enemy?