Kick Start Your Day


Kick start your day with an easy, five-minute routine. No money, special equipment or previous experience required. Simple, easy. Three steps:

Drink a glass of water. You wash the outside of your body, so don’t forget the inside. Water will flush your kidneys. Our bodies are 70 percent water; that water needs replenishing.

Stretch. Find a place with fresh air—or open the window. Stand, stretch to loosen joints, free tension and get blood flowing. Your pet does it—it’s a good idea.

Breathe. Oxygen in your blood is a sure way to get invigorated. Don’t have time (or inclination) to exercise in the mornings? A quick fix—breathe. And really breathe: For a few minutes breathe deeply and fully. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe with your abdomen, not your chest.

That’s it! Easy. Try it. It’s a habit that may just help you have a better start to each day!