The Trumpet Online


The world is awash in news. It’s nearly impossible to avoid the torrent of headlines—what is happening, by whom, precisely when and where in the world.

But among the profusion of news sources, few provide trustworthy analysis—few provide accurate projections of where events are leading—few supply the big picture—few talk cause and effect.

So much who, what, when and where—but very little why.

In a letter dated Nov. 29, 1971, educator and news analyst Herbert W. Armstrong wrote: “For every effect there has to be a cause! Human civilization seems always to be ignoring the cause and trying to eradicate the effect. … World peace can come only by knowing the cause of peace, and applying it!”

Mr. Armstrong, whose work the Trumpet continues, went on to describe a dire paradox: “People are bewildered! With such fantastic mind-power … with all the vast accumulation of knowledge, man still has not brought world peace, happiness, universal abundant well-being.

“Science has not produced it—nor government, nor religion, nor education, nor sociology … the crying need of this hour is a voice that can explain why—that can point the way!”

Today, the Trumpet is that voice.

The Trumpet focuses on the most important issues of this age. We show why these subjects are so critical to your life. In the obscurity of hopelessness and misinformation in the world, the Trumpet is a beacon of light. Our writers explain the profound meaning behind world news. We show you where world events are headed. Though there is a lot of bad news out there, we tell you why it’s happening and where it’s leading. We describe the inspiring outcome. That is what makes the Trumpet unique.

For a long time, the Trumpet has only been able to deliver its commentary on a monthly basis. Subscribers looking to this magazine for answers have not been able to receive them until several weeks after major world events have occurred.

That is, until now.

With its redesigned website, the Trumpet staff now is able to deliver commentary on the news more frequently than ever. Fresh articles appear weekly, with feature articles posted on Mondays and Thursdays. Commentary on major world events often appears on the website only hours after events occur.

The website is also extremely functional as a research tool. It contains issues of our magazine dating back to March/April 1998, a library of literature offered by the Trumpet, and a complete archive of stories posted on the website—all fully and freely searchable.

In our design, we’ve made every effort to help our readers find more information with greater ease as they browse. All our articles are organized into categories and regions. Related articles are linked to each other. An Editor’s Choice section highlights pertinent articles from our archives. Links to important articles elsewhere on the Web are provided. Soon, the Trumpet website will offer a free e-mail service that dispatches its front page to your inbox every week.

And all this is delivered without any clutter. We have no ads, and we never try to sell you anything. Everything we offer on the website—including our printed magazine—is absolutely free. We give you what you need to know—no strings attached.

The Trumpet online is not about getting the “scoop.” Rather, it aims to deliver quality commentary and insightful, meaningful analysis of world-changing events and social issues as they occur. It’s about improving our effectiveness in delivering what really matters to our readers.

The publication you are holding in your hands is unique. There’s no other magazine in the world like it! The message it proclaims is both a warning and an inspiring and hope-filled vision of the future.

We invite you to log on to and partake of that enlightening message.