Germany the New ‘Moral Superpower’ and an Air Base in Jordan

Germany has been named the ‘moral superpower’ of the world, even as it inches ever closer to Jerusalem.

The fallout from President Donald Trump’s dramatic visit to Europe has continued this week. Backing up his promise of punishing Germany for its high level of exports and his questioning of the United States’ commitment to NATO, Trump announced Thursday he was withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate-change agreement.

Though not a bad move, it has caused a lot of annoyance in Germany. The social consensus in Germany is that it’s a lot greener than other nations, which effectively puts “Merkel … as [the] leader of the resistance against Donald Trump.” This overall sentiment has led Spiegel to claim that Germany is the new “moral superpower” and has fulfilled its historic mission to be the leader of the world.

In a world looking for alternatives to the U.S., China and a German-led Europe are the forefront options. Germany has reached out to rising Asian powers, namely India and China. There is friction though as both China and Germany view itself as the sole replacement for the U.S. An increase of trade and cooperation is likely but not without some hiccups in the transition.

In another significant foreign-policy move, Germany has announced it is moving its troops out of Turkey to the Azraq air base in Jordan. There are currently 250 troops stationed in Turkey, conducting surveillance and refueling missions over Syria. The move comes in light of Turkey’s refusal to allow German leaders and members of parliament to visit their troops stationed there. This movement to Jordan places Germany right in the heart of the Middle East, exactly where prophecy says it would be in the end time.