Gearing Up


The People’s Republic of China is making new efforts to modernize its military. China’s recent hardware acquisitions, and the restructuring of its military leadership, are part of its plan to become a more dominant player in the Southeast Asia region.

China has covertly produced a new type of attack submarine, apparently a hybrid of Chinese hardware and Russian weaponry. These Yuan-class non-nuclear powered submarines would help China build up submarine forces that could counter U.S. aircraft carriers in the event of a confrontation over Taiwan. The Pentagon is also aware that China is constructing two nuclear-powered submarines.

Not only this, but the European Union is considering lifting its 15-year arms embargo, which would accelerate China’s ability to produce more-powerful weapon systems.

Although China’s changes have many thinking trouble for Taiwan, China’s efforts at modernizing its military have broader implications.

China’s military goals link with Bible prophecy. China is prophesied to join forces with Russia and other Asian powers to face off with a united Europe and threaten the whole world. For further details, please request a copy of our booklet Russia and China in Prophecy, and continue to watch as China enhances its military capability.