New World Ethic: Same Old Roman Empire


A German political party talking of a “superior culture” spreading around the world is merely a relic of Nazi Germany and the past, right? Sadly, no.

Germany’s largest opposition party, the Christian Democratic Union (cdu), recently called for the establishment of a new “World Ethic.” A theme paper, issued by the Values Commission of the largely Catholic cdu, states the new ethic would be created by the “positive forces” of globalization, which it defines as the “propagation of international valid standards.” It trumpets the “International Social Market Economy … as the foundation of a world-embracing moral canon, such as existed in the Roman Empire” (www.german-, July 17).

By spreading legal order and its “superior culture,” Rome secured the “unity of its empire,” the paper stated. Likewise, the cdu hopes to create a “worldwide alliance for freedom, human rights and an International Social Market Economy,” by spreading Western ideals through globalization (ibid.).

These are disturbing proclamations from Germany, a nation which led the world into two world wars with ideas on its “superior culture.” In effect, the cdu, by using the Roman Empire as a model, is hoping to launch a new Holy Roman Empire led by Germany.

It also claims Islam, not just Islamic fundamentalism, is the “unbridgeable opposition” to this superior culture possessed by Europe and North America. cdu Chairman Angela Merkel has said the new “World Ethic” is based on “the Christian view of mankind” and must be raised to a binding norm “universally.”

No longer is this thinking attributed to a few neo-Nazi extremists; it is now mainstream. A major political party has issued a theme remarkably similar to that of the Nazi Party, and it has stirred no controversy! These are the same kind of statements Germany made before two world wars.

The paper falsely attributes the social market to Anglo-Saxon (British Commonwealth and U.S.) traditions. Ironically, this social market corporatism has always been a source of conflict between continental Europe and Anglo-Saxon traditions, not a unifying bond.

These remarks are being made in Germany just when neo-Nazism is on the rise and remorse over World War ii has faded from public consciousness. Because of a stalled economy and soaring unemployment, the cdu stands to make strong gains in Germany’s next general elections.

Continue to watch as an emboldened Germany spreads its nationalist and socialist ideas to resurrect a new Holy Roman Empire. For more information, order a free copy of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.