Exploiting Africa


A prophecy is unfolding in Africa, one that was proclaimed over 2,500 years ago. This prophecy revolves around a need that is common to every nation: natural resources.

The quest for natural resources has always been at the heart of nation and empire building. Great Britain was great largely because of the vast natural wealth at its disposal at the height of its empire. The United States has incredible agricultural and mineral wealth. The Arab nations that are wealthy are so because they have oil supplies that are globally desired.

Right now, oil is particularly important in Europe, where high and rising oil prices—nearly $49 a barrel as of this writing—have the potential to significantly hamper economic growth throughout the region. The chief European economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland Financial Markets said, “Europe is looking pretty fragile anyway, so this oil price shock comes at a bad time as far as growth is concerned” (Associated Press, August 19). With oil having averaged $29 a barrel from early 2000 to August 2004, the 68 percent increase truly is a shock! Germany, which imports 97.2 percent of its oil, is particularly vulnerable.

As a nation, Germany is resource poor, a fact that hurt it in both world wars. Therefore, it should be no surprise when Germany tries to overcome that resource deficiency today. The German nation has already, literally, begun to lay the groundwork. To overcome this problem, it must look outside its own borders.

An opportunity has specifically arisen in Sudan, best known right now for the genocide occurring in Darfur. Many may not realize that this fighting is taking place on top of some of the most valuable real estate on planet Earth. “[I]n the region of the South Sudanese civil war, immense oil resources were discovered during the past five years along with extensive minerals (gold, diamonds) which, because of the fighting, could not be developed. According to most recent estimates it could be the second-largest deposit in the world” (www.german-foreign-policy.com, July 27). Right now, no commodity is more badly needed than oil. That puts Sudan squarely in the sights of any nation needing that resource. Enter Germany.

The autonomous South Sudanese government has awarded a German company, Thormaehlen Schweisstechnik-Welding Engineering, a contract to build a 2,500-mile railroad line that is “considered a nucleus of a future East African free-trade zone. … The representative of the company confirms that the recently awarded railroad line Juba-Mombasa shall establish the ‘connection with the Western-oriented world.’ The German company states that in addition ‘there will surely be the continuation of a pipeline into the south’” (ibid.). This will provide Germany with exactly the sort of access to natural resources it has sought throughout the last century. The fantastic wealth lying dormant in the Sudanese earth will be tapped and available to Germany.

The Trumpet has always predicted that Germany will enter Africa for resources. In July 2000, for example, the article “Europe’s African Pillage” invited readers to “learn the advance news of Europe’s long-planned domination of the resource-rich continent of Africa.”

Long before that, in September 1966, the Plain Truth wrote about Europe’s desire for African resources as outlined in a Nazi document: “A captured document circulated from the Nazi geopolitical center in Madrid in 1951 outlined the new plan. … This startling document lays bare plans for a powerful united German-led Europe with Africa as its raw materials storehouse.”

What’s more, your Bible predicted this development before the birth of Jesus Christ! Long ago, the Prophet Daniel prophesied that a united Europe, described as a “little horn,” would push south into the Mediterranean and Africa, then east into the glorious land, or Jerusalem (Daniel 8:9). He also revealed that Europe would possess the key to the African treasure chest: “But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps” (Daniel 11:43).

Yesterday’s prophecies are today’s news! Today we see Germany preparing itself to more fully exploit the region. By carefully studying the Bible, we can predict the end result. We can know how Europe will act, how Africa will be exploited—and how the situation ultimately will be resolved by Jesus Christ Himself, who will return with all power to establish a perfect government that will not exploit the African nations—a loving government with “judgment and with justice” that will never end (Isaiah 9