Gun Sales Smash Record Seven Months in a Row

Gun sales soar as people look for protection and worry about government restrictions.

A record number of firearm-related background checks were processed in November, making it the seventh consecutive monthly record. The Federal Bureau of Investigation processed 2,243,030 firearm background checks during the month—an astonishing 236,111 more than the previous record set in 2012. If trends hold for December, 2015 will become a record year for gun sales. Second Amendment advocates note that sales surge after violent attacks take place and when political rhetoric about restricting guns escalates.

In October, police stumbled upon a massive cache of 10,000 guns when police executed an unrelated search warrant at a South Carolina home. According to authorities, the owner was a gun hoarder who was not involved in illegal gun trafficking. Over the past 17 years, the agency has processed 222 million background checks for gun purchases. During this time, 2.4 million gun purchases have been blocked.

History and Bible prophecy show that proliferation of guns and weapons will not provide the protection many seek—but will actually exacerbate the violence in our midst. The December 2012 Trumpet asked, “As Gun Sales Rise, What Is Your Source of Protection?” After noting the nightmarish conditions prophesied to come upon us in the near future, Joel Hilliker wrote:

[T]he scale of violence about to engulf our society will simply be too overwhelming. No one is going to escape the coming tribulation—which is descending on America and other nations because of God’s wrath—through survivalist skills. Those who plan to weather the coming storms through their own foresight and marksmanship are underestimating the savageness of the time ahead.

There is, however, another, far more effective form of protection available. …

God does promise in many scriptural passages that in the coming tribulation, He will provide a special place of protection for His people. You can read about this by requesting our free booklet Jordan and God’s Church in Prophecy.

There is no limit on God’s ability to intervene on your behalf.

There is a far better way to protect your family from the problems coming on America. Read “As Gun Sales Rise, What Is Your Source of Protection?